Catching up with Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman

The New England Patriots wide receiver opens up about his new memoir.
4:39 | 11/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Catching up with Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman
Right now we're joined by two-time super bowl champ and new England patriot receiver Julian Edelman who's famously made the catch to help win super bowl LI. He's written a new memoir "Relentless" about his underdogp rise on one of the greatest supports teams in NFL history. Welcome. It's great to have you and see you. You tore your acl in the preseason so you're missing this season. For people to relate how tough that is for you, you said this quote. Watching the patriots play is like watching someone kiss your girlfriend. Why do you say that? I mean no one likes -- no one likes someone kiss your girlfriend. That's not a good feeling and you put so much time and effort in with the fellas and in the off-season, you know. To go through otas, training camp, training on your own and then the last preseason game you go out and blow your knee out and not get to play, I mean it's tough. So, you know, it's one of those things where I'm going to attack it like I attack anything else with the relentless mind-set and, you know, everyone's got a story and mine is still going. And the knee is coming along well. It's coming along getting better day by day. You say attack it with your mind-set. One of your teammates gave you the nickname energizer bunny. Where does this relentlessness come from. I think it comes from hearing the word "No" growing up. You know, when I was younger I was never big enough, strong enough. Fast enough. There's always someone else on the team that was supposed to make it and it just created a huge chip on my shoulder which, you know, gave me that kind of relentless mind-set to try to prove people wrong and, you know, I used that in all aspects of my life so that's what this kind of book can about. It's about, you know, my story. Everyone has a story just like your story, how you got to this beautiful "Good morning America" host, doing all these great things off the field and your post career. You know, if my story can go out and help someone motivate them a little, you know -- I'm absolutely sure it will. It takes a lot. It takes a lot to get where you are and takes a lot to going a football player and a lot of drills and all these things. I hear your father was instrumental. He used to throw a football off the roof of a today yum. Nah, so my dad was a little nuts. That's the least to say. We used to practice nonstop, you know, he was a certified mechanic at 14. He didn't have a dad. And his life and goal was to give his kids the best opportunities that he could possibly do. And with that said, he used to come up with these insane drills so when I got drafted in the NFL my dad got a pair of sunglasses and he would tape one eye off so it messed with my depth perspective. He'd have my sister get little golf whiffle balls then he would get on top of the press box at the high school to punt to like get the football high enough and have my sister throw these little tennis balls at me to distract me with the glasses on to try to catch it. We don't suggest you try that with your chirp at home. Yeah. But it worked. It worked. You know, he always tried to make the situation as hard as possible so when you go into the game, you know, your nerves are less tense and you come -- become more natural with it. We have some young players here. We have William Felix who wants to ask a question. Big fan. What's your question, William? Hi. I'm little. Do you ever get nervous when you play against taller players? William, what's up, buddy. How you doing. Good. Good. I always had an older brother, so when he was 7 years older than me and we go in crazy details in the book so I always used to get beat up a lot. I was never afraid of, you know, bigger guys because of that. And what you got to do is you got to channel your inner like squirrel or tiger or something, buddy. Just got to go in there and bite your lip and say, you know, I got pads on. We're going to be all right. Because you got weight limits now, right? You'll be good. You just got to go and fight. You've shown that it doesn't matter as long as you have the fight. You can make it happen. He's a great example of that. Exactly. For you and for all the kids out there and I love the mustache you're growing for Movember and book "Relentless." Make sure you get "Relentless: A memoir" out now, Julian Edelman, everybody.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"The New England Patriots wide receiver opens up about his new memoir. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50901086","title":"Catching up with Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman ","url":"/GMA/video/catching-super-bowl-champion-julian-edelman-50901086"}