Cate Blanchett Portrays '60 Minutes' Producer in 'Truth'

The Oscar winner plays Mary Mapes, who was fired after producing a report on the military record of George W. Bush.
3:21 | 10/07/15

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Transcript for Cate Blanchett Portrays '60 Minutes' Producer in 'Truth'
I'm back with Oscar winner cate Blanchett. She stars in the new movie "Truth" based on "60 minutes" producer Mary Mapes fired for producing a flawed story with Dan rather questioning George W. Bush's record during the -- I have to apologize for the story. On air. Andrew asked you to apologize? He didn't ask. Dan, that's surrender -- He feels CBS can't afford the risk to its reputation. He knew. And cate Blanchett joins us now. This movie is so powerful. Brings you back to what was a very tense time and we see Robert Redford playing Dan rather right there in yes, yes. Dan rather says he was floored by how you captured Mary Mapes. How did you do it? I thought he was going to say how I captured Dan rather. That would have been a stretch. Look, working with Redford was extraordinary but there was a very particular responsibility one has to playing, you know, real-life character like Mary even though she's behind the camera and not necessarily particularly well known because the Mary that I met was, you know, vivacious and vital and full of good humor but, of course, the film captures her in absolute free fall. Every journalist's worst nightmare. The way it captures the cascading series of revelation, mistake, surprises and you see her come in for so much hate. A lot of hate. I mean I think there's -- even though it feels like recent history 2004 I think and you would know this better than I, the media landscape, the political landscape has changed entirely. You know, it was at the beginning of that whole kind of hateful blogosphere personal -- Even blogs sounded dated. I am dated. You know, I don't really exist in the social media world but I think the whole notion of Googles one self and finding that invisible opinion yachting -- as an investigative journalist, I would imagine it would have been quite galling. Such a difficult story. It was dropped right in the middle of a presidential campaign which leads to my only film scene with cate Blanchett. We do have a scene. I'm not looking at you. I'm not looking at the screen. You're yelling at me. You were green screen when I did it on the day but I could hear your voice and feel the charisma. You could feel the anger coming out from your character at what I was saying on television. It is a terrific movie. You also since the last time you were here a little addition to your family and adopted a little girl. We've been blessed so I have three boys and a girl. She's great but it's a wonderful thing when you Who is it that got's the foreign pocy Eli

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The Oscar winner plays Mary Mapes, who was fired after producing a report on the military record of George W. Bush.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34307821","title":"Cate Blanchett Portrays '60 Minutes' Producer in 'Truth'","url":"/GMA/video/cate-blanchett-portrays-60-minutes-producer-truth-34307821"}