Hollywood Fashion for Less

Designer to the stars Catherine Malandrino launches DesigNation at Kohl's.
4:20 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Hollywood Fashion for Less
We turn to french designer, catherine malandrino. How did I do? Yes. She has dressed hollywood a-listers. To robin roberts, today. And now, she's launching a new line that's chic and cheap, called catherine malandrino for design nation. It's exclusively at kohl's. So happy to have catherine with us and a preview of the new line. Bonjour. I'm a giant fan of your clothes. And I love the idea of making them accessible to all. Why kohl's? They pushed me of an affordable line. But for me, it starts somewhere else. It's like, for me, what are you inspired by? And I say, forme, it's paris. Paris is the city where I am born. I'm a woman. And I want to speak to women about paris. And the collection is preferred to as parisian for the american woman. Let's get the first look. A wrap dress with a patent leather trench coat. If a woman needs a little bit of fun. And I see at the same time, it's fun by chic. And it can be weared with a long-sleeve dress like this one, inspired by the print of ceiling. It's very attractive. It's another print with a great story about walking into the streets of paris. It's graphic and beautiful. Give me the price point on these. Just a general price point? I think it's very affordable. Goes from $36 to $136. But at the same time, it's more about style. For me, the price is what is the price. But style is the most important. Let's see another style, then. Come out model number two. I love that. So graphic. This was inspired by one of my favorite promenades in paris. And it has a graphic quality to it. And it can be very parisian with a skirt. Or casual for the weekend with jeans. For me, every woman needs this type of easy but fitting sweater. Thank you so much. Our next look is an adorable t-shirt, paired with a flare trouser. That shirt is so cute. I love it. And the flared trouser, in for fall. And the motorcycle jacket, which comes also in a gorgeous ivory. Which I was eyeing. And a bunch of celebrities. Tell us about this look. Well, I think the jacket, and is every's closet. It's weekend away. Gives a touch of roughneck. At the same time, refined here because it's all quilted. And you can wear it like with not a men's pant. But it is cut for a woman's body. It has a low waist. It has the waist at the waist. And this is what is important as a woman designer. I know women's body. And I make sure that I get emphasize a woman's traits and forgive the weakness. One more look. And this one is really great, too. A pleated jumpsuit. That's the hot color of the season. A gorgeous navy. It's a cobalt navy blue. And it's what a women can find in her wardrobe. It's long sleeves. And it speaks to every type of woman's curve and body. We've seen this on stacy keibler. We know her. It is a great, accessible line, available at kohl's. Catherine malandrino, designed for kohl's. It launches nationwide tomorrow. And catherine, we say mercy beaucoup.

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{"id":20381246,"title":"Hollywood Fashion for Less","duration":"4:20","description":"Designer to the stars Catherine Malandrino launches DesigNation at Kohl's.","url":"/GMA/video/catherine-malandrino-teams-kohls-offer-hollywood-fashion-20381246","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}