Mountain Lions Prowl Right Outside Homeowner's Window

A Colorado man was able to protect himself from a deadly face-to-face meeting.
1:42 | 03/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mountain Lions Prowl Right Outside Homeowner's Window
I have a story that caught our eye. Harrowing close encounter for a home west out west under siege from mountain lions. Check them out prowling outside his window but he is protecting himself and them from adly face-to-face meeting. Take a look. This is a sight few of us want to see when looking out our window. Two unwavering eyes staring back at you with a couple of friends nearby. But that's exactly what happened to this colorado resident. That was a little bit frightening because the only thing that was protecting me from that big cat was a piece of glass. Reporter: Not one, not two, but three mountain lions showed up at his home and strolled casually around the perimeter. This is the window where the mountain lion came over and stood on his hind feet and looked into the window. Reporter: Living at such a high altitude, he has actually gotten used to seeing these wildcats. I consider a privilege to live with these animals and share the space. Reporter: He set up cameras and sensors that alert him when wildlife is close by but experts warn should you ever find yourself in a situation with a mountain lion don't run. Make yourself look tall with your arms up, if you have a coat open it up, slowly back away. If you are with others you want to form a group. You got that. If you ever come in contact with a mountain lion, do not run. Very simple. Did he say make yourself look calm? Yes. Big. You win. That's it. Exactly. I think I'd get small very loudly. This is going to be a position and hug yourself. And hug myself.

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{"id":18821021,"title":"Mountain Lions Prowl Right Outside Homeowner's Window","duration":"1:42","description":"A Colorado man was able to protect himself from a deadly face-to-face meeting.","url":"/GMA/video/caught-camera-mountain-lions-prowl-colorado-home-18821021","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}