Politician Allegedly Slashes Opponent's Tires

Former congressional candidate under arrest after allegedly being recorded vandalizing rival's car.
2:48 | 01/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Politician Allegedly Slashes Opponent's Tires
Now, to an astonishing caught on camera moment. Former congressional candidate is under arrest for slashing his rival's tires. The victim says she fears for her safety. And police revealed the politician may have been harassing her and others for months. Abc's linsey davis is here with the latest on this very bizarre story. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. This story is where politics can get downright dirty. Police say they have the man who has been dubbed a republican serial tire slasher behind bars. Some allege his latest action are fallout from a lawsuit by his former opponent that took all the air out of his campaign. Now, take a look at how they say he's retaliating. Are you slashing tires, gary? Reporter: This morning, 56-year-old gary smith is behind bars for felony aggravated stalking charges. Do you have anything to say about the charges? Reporter: This surveillance video tells the story. Smith is accused of stalking and slashing tires. And was arrested last week on vandalism charges. Normally, he stabbed them multiple times. Reporter: By day, he's a politician. A former 2012 republican candidate for congress in new mexico. A candidate for congress was vandalizing another candidate's vehicles. Reporter: It all started in june, when smith wasning for a seat in the house of representatives, when he lost to rival janice arnold-jones in the primaries. But sour grapes may have turned into stabbing tires. When we saw his face, both john and I said, oh, my gosh. It's gary smith. Reporter: Growing suspicious of the tire slashings around the neighborhood, arnold-jones set up a sophisticated surveillance system in her home. ON THE MORNING OF THE 20th, At 3:30 in the morning, gary smith is very visible taking out all of our tires yet again. Reporter: Smith is also, allegedly, after his former campaign manager. I'm scared for my children. I'm scared for everyone else who is involved. Reporter: He says his tires were slashed some 54 times. After smith's arrest last week, he was initially released on bail. My husband came in. Wakes me up and says, he's here. He's out on bail. He has been warned that he is not to come near any of us. Reporter: But this weekend, he was back in his opponent's driveway, caught on tape, again. At least four other people all connected with the campaign say they've had their tires slashed. Smith denies having anything to do with the tire slashing but could face additional charges of stalking, criminal trespass and harassment if implicated. It's unbelievable they can't stop this guy. He went to jail, and got back out, was at it again. Allegedly. Our legal department thanks you for that. Now, let's check in for the weather with ginger zee, in for

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{"id":18120445,"title":"Politician Allegedly Slashes Opponent's Tires","duration":"2:48","description":"Former congressional candidate under arrest after allegedly being recorded vandalizing rival's car.","url":"/GMA/video/caught-tape-politician-allegedly-slashes-opponents-tires-gary-18120445","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}