Will the Cavs bounce back in Game 2?

After a blowout by the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals the defending champs are looking to even the series.
2:19 | 06/04/17

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Transcript for Will the Cavs bounce back in Game 2?
They may be down. But they're far from out. The Cavs Aring look to bounce back from their game one loss in the NBA finals against the golden state warriors. ESPN's Tony Reali looking at what each team needs to do to score victory. Game one in a nutshell. One word. Shellacking. Yes. Shellacking. I think Cleveland was flummoxed by the warriors' offense. APD think viewers were gob smacked by how easily the warriors could score. There's a play. I love this play. You have galloping, thundering Kevin Durant, coming down the center of the the court here. And you have the Cleveland cavalier defender, J.R. Smith. Trying to figure out what to do. It's cover the greatest shooter of all time or stand in front of the thundering, galloping Kevin Durant. He's off the court as quick as possible. That's how easy it is for these warriors when they're clicking. That's called getting posterized. What can the cavaliers do? They can't do anything about that. No, no, they kbt do anything about that. They can do better. They need to be more physical. They need to have second chance opportunities on the offensive set. Lebron was stupendous. We need a human form not named Lebron to put the bucket in the basket. For the -- cavaliers. I should say this. They lost by 48 combined points in games one and games two last year. In Oakland. So, it may be bleak. It's not done yet. Down but not out. What are you looking for tonight? I think Lebron gets up. He'll be very physical. I think the warriors will get up and down the floor very quickly. The cavaliers need to slow them down. They need to muck it up, is what we say. Muck it up? To get away from that. Or they feed to sign Rihanna, courtside in game one. A big cavaliers fan. I would call her gob smacking and flummoxing. Gob smacking. Flummoxing. I don't think we were shellacked. You can catch game two. Tonight, 8:00 eastern. Right here on ABC. "Pop news" is next. Enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface. The thing that's really important to dentists

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{"id":47821685,"title":"Will the Cavs bounce back in Game 2?","duration":"2:19","description":"After a blowout by the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals the defending champs are looking to even the series.","url":"/GMA/video/cavs-bounce-back-game-47821685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}