Time Warner Pulls CBS, Showtime

Fee dispute between broadcaster and cable provider has left millions without their favorite shows.
3:00 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Time Warner Pulls CBS, Showtime
Now to that high-stakes dispute for "dexter" fans and so many viewers. Millions of cable customers left in the dark unable to watch their favorite shows. The question many are asking this morning, is their cable company next? Abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. It's amazing. Reporter: There's none of this or this or this. This could get difficult. Reporter: Instead if you're one of the millions of time warner cable customers in cities like los angeles, new york and dallas, this morning you're waking without cbs, showtime and dozens of other channels owned by the cbs corporation. Channels now replaced by a warning that "cbs has demanded an outrageous increase for programming requiring time warner to remove their stations from your lineup." I can't believe it. We're trapped. It's okay. Do what you got to do. Reporter: At issue a bitter battle over the fees time warner pays cbs to run its programming. Cbs is paid from 75 cents to a dollar per subscriber in new york and wants $2. Reporter: But after four days without a resolution consumers are now sounding off on social media on sites like facebook. Time warner cable should be on dexter's kill table. And get a life, cbs. It's you that wants to raise rates for poor hard-working people. It isn't the first time cable companies have blocked channels from their lineups. Last year directv blacked out mtv and nickelodeon for nine days over a fee dispute. So why should you be tuning in to this multi-billion dollar battle even if you're not a time warner cable subscriber? Consumers should be aware that this could happen to any channel in any market now. I don't know nothing about this. It doesn't make any sense. You can say that again. Reporter: Analysts say both sides lose their cable subscribers might decide to watch the cord and watch tv on the internet but fans of chapels blacked out might find other networks they like better. How long could it last? Anywhere from ten days to six weeks because that is the start of football season, roshen. I knew you were going to know this one. Oh, yes, it's going to be settled before football. I couldn't watch tiger. I was here in new york and couldn't watch tiger. You missed the darned squirrel. You should have seen this squirrel. Glad amy robach brought that

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{"id":19869520,"title":"Time Warner Pulls CBS, Showtime","duration":"3:00","description":"Fee dispute between broadcaster and cable provider has left millions without their favorite shows.","url":"/GMA/video/cbs-showtime-pulled-time-warner-dexter-big-bang-19869520","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}