Celebrating Earth Day with Jane Goodall

DisneyNature's ambassador Jane Goodall opens up in an interview with "GMA" anchor Michael Strahan about the new film "Born in China."
2:31 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Celebrating Earth Day with Jane Goodall
We're gearing up for birthday when he barely a special look at some of the world's most amazing animals featured in the news Disney nature documentary born in China. And I got a tip that that would give meaning to them vapid Jane Goodall were in exciting sneak peek. This. If the China we think we know. In this. At the time and we're just learning about born in China. Disney nature's seventh in most ambitious film. If the tellem three families all of them living in some of the most extreme conditions hurt has to offer what do you think is important for Phil Mike born in China to be made. This film shows exactly how amazing. China's wildlife is and I think we'll be in such an incentive. Listen to China to increase the protection of the environment. Jane Goodall best known for her work which impair these. If the ambassador for Disney nature what drew you into that role when they asked you what you say yes. Then nascent it's the same is willing to help people understand and protect animals and wildlife before it's too late. Maybe it hardly say no. Disney nature's cameras take us to fourteenth album feet above sea level for some truly spectacular views. In the rare footage introduces us to doubt while. The snow. And a gold a snub nosed monkey filmmaker's name Tel tac. Do you have a favorite animal. And one time when tests to be the giant panda and gain fifty showed amazing and pandas. Live unreal thing I mean. Perfect animal since his sneak. Born in China give a fig closeup look Ed new mom panda guy yet in her baby daughter my mind. Ya ya big great mom braving heard youngster without any help but she's facing the time when little mind mine who become an independent. What is our responsibility. Our responsibility is to leave that since doing so we've been and to educate our youth to look up to the home after we have. On destiny. Depends on what we do know from. Big thank you Dave good all the movie born in China it in theaters now did you see the movie opening week. Disney nature will make it don't make into the world wildlife fund for every ticket sold well done right there.

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{"id":46927033,"title":"Celebrating Earth Day with Jane Goodall ","duration":"2:31","description":"DisneyNature's ambassador Jane Goodall opens up in an interview with \"GMA\" anchor Michael Strahan about the new film \"Born in China.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/celebrating-earth-day-jane-goodall-46927033","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}