Chaos in the Skies in Two Separate Plane Incidents

Jumbo jet landed at the wrong airport, and the emergency slide inflated mid-air on JetBlue flight.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for Chaos in the Skies in Two Separate Plane Incidents
Let's get right to the two plane incidents overnight. An enormous cargo plane landing at the wrong airport, on a runway way too small for the plane. And the moment an emergency slide popped open mid-air, on a jetblue plane, forcing it to land early. David kerley is at reagan national with the latest on both. Good morning, david. Reporter: These are two incidents that are really rare occurrences. And they raise some serious safety concerns. This morning, a giant jumbo j at the wrong airport. Unable to turn around because of a short runway. The pilots of the 747 are facing some serious questions. Giant 4241, we might -- we'll get back to you here momentarily. We're not on your approach. McCONNELL IS 9 MILES Southeast. Yes, sir. We just landed at the other airport. Reporter: The cargo plane was supposed to touch down at McCONNELL'S AIR FORCE BASE. But ended up at a smaller airport, a few miles away. Needing a tow to turn around. We've landed at btc. Giant 4241, you're on the ground at beech airport? We think so. Reporter: This is not a new route for the jumbo jet which has successfully landed at the air force base 20 times over the last several months. This happens more often than it ought to. It usually happens with less experienced crew. It tends to happen at night when people see lights. And they can't visually i.D. The field they want to go to. Reporter: Meanwhile, passengers on a jetblue flight from ft. Myers, florida, to boston, got a big surprise. That's the front door emergency slide which blew, only partially deploying. But filling the front part of the cabin. A flight attendant, pinned for several minutes. They managed to deflate it and get the plane back to orlando. Reporter: Overnight, jetblue told abc news, the aircraft landed safely. And customers deplaned from the air door. The aircraft was taken out of service for further inspection. Safety officials are going to want to know more about that slide, as well. On that 747, a tug has arrived. That's one of those little tu trucks that grab the nose of it. They're going to take it to the other end of the runway. They're hoping they can take off and go to the other airport. Quite a night. Two, big head-scratchers there. Going to turn to the florida

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{"id":20963826,"title":"Chaos in the Skies in Two Separate Plane Incidents","duration":"3:00","description":"Jumbo jet landed at the wrong airport, and the emergency slide inflated mid-air on JetBlue flight.","url":"/GMA/video/chaos-skies-separate-plane-incidents-20963826","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}