Charlie Sheen on His New Film 'Mad Families' and Life as a Grandfather

The actor opens up in an exclusive interview with "GMA."
4:24 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Charlie Sheen on His New Film 'Mad Families' and Life as a Grandfather
my conversation with Charlie sheen. The star of the edgy new comedy "Mad families" is revealing his hopes for his own family and the lessons he's learned on his road to stardom. Take a picture, man. It might be a tight squeeze. Who is sitting on whose lap. Come on, Charlie, sit on my lap. My god. It's your booth. You sit on my lap. You can file this under places I never thought I'd be. Hey, this is the last thing I expected. This is happening, right. Reporter: In a photo booth with Charlie sheen in the middle of his living room. Oh, see, I told you it's too close. It's good enough for me. It's a moment in time. I'm happy with it. It's a moment in time. So sweet. Reporter: But then again you never know what to xt when you hang out with Charlie. After a film hiatus he is back in "Mad families." A comedy streaming on crackle about three families from different backgrounds forced to spend a vacation together. The TV antenna is stuck. Do you get the NFL package? The film is hysterical. It's funny as hell. You know what I love, it's diverse. Very diverse. And get tied in together. They get stuck together. And has to make it work. There is a scene where we all pass around a megaphone and tell the most racially inappropriate jokes in the history of the known universe and it's funny as hell. No one in the movie is offended so I do believe that anyone watching it won't be either, you know. We're not curing cancer with this type of work but perhaps we're making it okay to have an open dialogue which we must have especially with what's coming, you know, in the white house. These are dicey times. Do you see this as a comeback of sorts? I don't want to label it as such because then if it doesn't work then I'm wrong. Don't like being wrong. No, it's a stepping stone to I think a lot of really cool stuff. For some reason, they just keep inviting me back to the next act, you know. I think talent has a lot to do with that. Thank you. I've had the great fortune of being able to live in a lot of different worlds with comedy, drama and the rest of it. What league have you been playing in. California penal. Reporter: But Charlie's most cherished role, being a dad. I walk plus your house and I see so many things that I'm walking through about family. Five kids. And a granddaughter. And a granddaughter. I was a grandfather at 48. It kind of blew my mind all types of sideways but what a gift. It's really refreshing and, you know, you've had a terrible day and you come home and your kids are like, oh, my gosh. To your kids you're not a superstar. You're not a TV star or movie star. You're just dad. They've never seen my work. Are you kidding me. They've never seen my work. Mom has to sequester them from some of the work I've done, you know, until they're old enough but, yeah, no, they don't know me as a performer. That's really cool thing aside that I think a lot of people don't get a chance to see you. Nice to adorn your walls with art but nice to set up every Al cove and tabletop with the faces that make you the happiest. Family. What's the most important if there's any lesson that you think you've learned? That no one is above common courtesy. Ever! And the two things that appear to be evaporating in society and on this rock of ours are common courtesy and common sense. They're kind of vanishing at the same time. That's my credo. You could go back and talk to 21-year-old Charlie sheen, here you are, young, pretty face, still got a pretty face. Oh, you're so kind. What would you say to that guy? Would you change anything? I would just tell him to be a little more patient and not rule by greed or the promise of quick gains. I would tell him to always trust his gut in the most upside down moments always trust your gut. I would tell him to just be a little more forgiving, you know. Got to forgive? It's pretty good advice, right? As always, and you can see more of my interview with Charlie sheen tonight on "Nightline" and the movie "Mad families" premieres tomorrow on the free streaming service crackle. Seems in a good place. He does, doesn't he? Just one of those guys you kind of pull for despite everything he's gone for. You want him to be okay, all of us. Absolutely.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"The actor opens up in an exclusive interview with \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44696317","title":"Charlie Sheen on His New Film 'Mad Families' and Life as a Grandfather","url":"/GMA/video/charlie-sheen-film-mad-families-life-grandfather-44696317"}