Chart-topping Robin Thicke Discusses His New Album and Renewed Outlook on Life

The musician shares his thoughts on "Blurred Lines," his new music, new love and quality time with family.
3:14 | 08/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chart-topping Robin Thicke Discusses His New Album and Renewed Outlook on Life
You guys catching up there in. Yeah, we're back together. Pop superstar robin Thicke. New music, new album on the way. First, good enough to catch up. You have so much going on in your life. Your fans are all lined up here, waving at you and that. I know you wanted to say something to them, because there have been some legal issues. We can't get into the specific of "Blurred lines." It's an ongoing legal case. What do you want to say. Thank you all for the love and support over the last year. You go through ups and downs. You get through it with new music. Morning sun. That's the cure-all. Do you find yourself now sunny days ahead? I think morning sun is about fresh starts, new beginnings and, you know, the heralding of a new day. And your son has really helped you, I know. Yes. He's 5 years old. Well, you know, I started, you know, song writing and producing and singing professionally when I was 16. And I never really stopped until last year. Then I took some time off to just be with my son and my family. It helps you gain perspective on your life. It was great. There's my mom and my little boy. I hadn't gotten to take my mom on a real vacation for a long time. It was a magical trip for the three of us when I see you around your band, we were joking -- we love when you guys are here. They're playing and singing. That brings great joy. I hope that the food fight didn't leave too much of a mess. Not at all. You're going to be coming up to sing back together. That song, back together, people automatically say, is this about the ex-wife, wonderful ex-wife, Paula pat on the. I didn't write this song. When I met with the amazing producers, I just heard this idea of getting back together and getting yourself back together and you know, what I was going through at the time I really related to that and connected with that. It's about getting yourself back together with love and partnership. You have had your ups and downs. You're no difference than anybody else. I know music helps me get through it. How have you -- what do you say to people who are in a difficult situation? Music is what I did the rest of the time. I realized that I just finally took a few months off or more and you know spent a lot of time with my parents, even, talking, getting their advice. I grew up thinking I knew what I was doing. When you have some tough times you call on your parents and gra grandparents for advice. Good for you. Robin, thank you for sitting down and talking with us. You're going to sing for us, right? Yes. "Back together" is what robin's going to sing.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The musician shares his thoughts on \"Blurred Lines,\" his new music, new love and quality time with family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33035174","title":"Chart-topping Robin Thicke Discusses His New Album and Renewed Outlook on Life","url":"/GMA/video/chart-topping-robin-thicke-discusses-album-renewed-outlook-33035174"}