Chef Eduardo Garcia Does Not Let Bionic Hand Stop Him

After suffering the loss of his hand in an electrocution accident, chef Garcia is back in the kitchen cooking.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chef Eduardo Garcia Does Not Let Bionic Hand Stop Him
The full story. Eduardo Garcia professional chef. Lost his hand in a freak accident but he was determined to continue doing things he -- most thankfully. He was able to turn to some really miraculous technology that has -- obviously in the kitchen again in a moment. We're -- -- be doing some cooking Eduardo but I first BBC's Abbie Boudreau has the story. -- Watching Eduardo Garcia an action brings to mind also famous -- but and has 120. Our friends analysts and glorious don't. A bionic hands that is the phones don't mind it has 125 different individual hand functions. And it is remarkable what can -- you unlike the legendary TV character of the Six Million Dollar Man. Who knew a thing or two about flight on its Eduardo is the real life bionic man. He lost his hand in every hunting accident two years ago you were electrocuted. -- -- -- -- Nine different acts that were nine of the next England's and when you wake up from the anesthesia and -- -- looking at this sort of an engine for armed. It's unmistakable that you -- now and continue its -- this search okay. I don't -- again the answer -- state -- the -- Bluetooth operated hand treated by doctors at -- based advanced arm dynamics. -- contracts is here pension -- your hands. -- shop operating without -- human hands might seem problematic and at times Eduardo admits it is. There's been a learning curve that drops things -- Eduardo says he's adapting. -- and -- -- a distinct advantage. By Leon X one in the kitchen after -- grab -- things you can -- -- things you know I can -- things that I -- -- and I get burned. I don't cut I think is anymore like. I'm -- it for you this was a game changer -- not a game and there yet it is. It was OK we -- -- different now but -- -- it's doable and that takes you away from the focus on woe is me to. What hope and this is me that place of this here and if you don't believe them. -- -- -- -- -- Oh my gosh. I feel good for Good Morning America Abbie -- ABC news Portland Oregon. -- I've never this -- So in the kitchen ever again Eduardo is still going to be so what items and today the ice custard French toast you got it I don't that it's -- right yes -- -- I would like enix crusty -- like this. Japan -- there ago. And so it's working right now you're sending student ended the stimulation coming from muscles in the forearm that this is attacked students and now it's right in knows what you want -- today. Well -- you have to amazing. Quite literally are already better at this with one hand and I'll ever be -- -- -- go with the got to yet again copious to Brett slice just don't think. Think when you want to absorb that -- them. Run -- -- butter melted butter thanks. Special seasonings spices Lara -- -- -- -- and that's has to be our little little cream and Vanilla extract okay terrific all so -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you don't have a medium high heat aka KK. Terrorists comes in like this -- Premeditated. -- a flip agitated at that it may yet that tired the toast -- it. OK and then in May go in -- go first woman and sense. If you wanna hear out of there are few better sound. -- and hit yes. Solid. Really saw this sizzling it take maybe two minutes per side okay. You know it down when you have a nice beautiful golden browned crust aren't analysis -- potatoes and some -- a salad -- -- peeling potatoes chili powder shallots. -- little lemon oil -- must have achieved much since nozzles looks beautiful I want to thank you for. Not just took into war all of us here I -- thank you for showing everybody in reminding us all that anything's possible. Every step of the way my friend -- really devastating. Absolutely. Eduardo Garcia the -- I -- wonders never cease its recipes available on our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"After suffering the loss of his hand in an electrocution accident, chef Garcia is back in the kitchen cooking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21338603","title":"Chef Eduardo Garcia Does Not Let Bionic Hand Stop Him","url":"/GMA/video/chef-eduardo-garcia-bionic-hand-stop-21338603"}