Chicago Chef's Crying Baby Tweet Stirs Up Controversy

Chef at Alinea restaurant asked the Twitterverse whether to tell a couple and their crying baby to leave.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for Chicago Chef's Crying Baby Tweet Stirs Up Controversy
To the debate taking off from one of america's most expensive and sophisticated restaurants, it all began when a couple's crying baby bothered other customers at this restaurant in caught and the chef took to twitter with this question. Should he have asked the family to leave so the other diners could eat in peace. Abc's linsey davis has the story. Reporter:100 bucks a plate and they're bringing in toddlers. Reporter: Screaming babies at upscale babies was a point of contention in'friends with kids." The same was also recently true for diners at chicago's restaurant olinia where they pay $250 up front to get on the waiting list. Saturday customers got an unexpected and unwanted course of crying baby. Considered canceling last minute one couple opted to bring their 8-month-old to dinner only it wouldn't stop crying. I could hear it crying in the kitchen. Reporter: Chef and co-owner grant achantz didn't ask the couple to leave but he did take to twitter to tell people no kids, subject diners to crying? He's saying, no but -- we want people to come and enjoy alinea for what it is but has me cognizant of the other 80 people that came in to experience alinea that night. Reporter: Twitter ee runted with responses like little kids do not belong in high-end restaurants." Another saying "my feelings stand, no babies." You had on the one hand parents who understood the predicament and on the other hand you had those guests who think there's no place for an 8-month-old at a fine dining establishment. Reporter: But some restaurants are going to the extreme. Banning kids altogether or no kids 7 and under after 7:00 p.M. Chef atkins says he thinks they should experience fine dining at an early age but hasn't decided where to draw the line. For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. Yeah, doubt they have a kid's menu. No chicken nuggets there. But it's interesting how people are weighing in and the majority of people feel maybe not. But the chef didn't throw the kid out. Exactly. He had a measured response. That's what I like and threw it open for discussion. We take our kids out all the time. I'm sure there's been moments with other diners but this restaurant is a special place. Doesn't feel like -- big waiting list. 250 bucks -- maybe if the kid can walk in by themselves. Perhaps that's the -- weigh in.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chef at Alinea restaurant asked the Twitterverse whether to tell a couple and their crying baby to leave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21524631","title":"Chicago Chef's Crying Baby Tweet Stirs Up Controversy","url":"/GMA/video/chicago-chefs-crying-baby-tweet-stirs-controversy-21524631"}