Child Care Takes Flight With 'Flying Nannies'

Etihad Airways' new in-flight service brings nannies aboard to entertain screaming kids.
1:29 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Child Care Takes Flight With 'Flying Nannies'
It electrifies parents that flight with a baby or toddler. They cry. Throw a tantrum -- this scene of another passenger and frequent flyers have been sounding off about parents with traveling children. Maybe you use the -- cost. What this morning at he had airlines of the United Arab Emirates hopes to make everyone happy with its new service the flying -- Trained flight attendants in Orange aprons there to help parents with their little ones. -- -- it is Mary Poppins without the umbrella since the nannies are already flying. Eileen -- -- writes about traveling with kids so what do you think of this idea about this airline -- -- game changer. -- game changer are just it. Really Smart idea. And especially if you're gonna have Aaron who has more than one child or one parent -- one child asked me in order to care one child. Is there trend starting here already there's a website that will hook up families with nanny in the clouds and just last week a Singaporean airline offered for -- To put passengers in a quiet zone away from children. I think anything we can all you that that makes travel and more pleasant experience for all of no one wants to be on planes. Serious screaming crying and -- US frequent fliers may be asking. What took so long and -- will domestic carriers bring us a flying nanny for Good Morning America David -- ABC news Washington.

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{"id":20142808,"title":"Child Care Takes Flight With 'Flying Nannies'","duration":"1:29","description":"Etihad Airways' new in-flight service brings nannies aboard to entertain screaming kids.","url":"/GMA/video/child-care-takes-flight-flying-nannies-20142808","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}