Chobani Greek Yogurt Accused of Stealing Competitor's Recipe

Founder's ex-wife claims her husband stole secrets from Fage.
3:00 | 04/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chobani Greek Yogurt Accused of Stealing Competitor's Recipe
We have a big new twist this morning in the Greek yogurt wars. And now it's getting personal. The ex-wife of the man who founded chobani is coming forward with an allegation that he illegally bought the recipe from a competitor age. ABC's renoen nine is on the story. Reporter: Good morning. Oh, boy, the marriage of the founder of chobani yogurt may have soured but the Greek yogurt industry certainly has not with billions of dollars at stake. The yogurt wars keep churning. It's hard these days to find food made with only real natural ingredients. Reporter: It's a battle for your taste buds. Plain will never be the same. Reporter: In a matter of years, chobani yogurt unseeded age becoming the number one brand of Greek yogurt in the U.S. But this morning, could allegations of espionage sour business? The former wife of Cho banny CEO alleging her husband simply stole the recipe from age. In an affidavit obtained by ABC news over shares of Cho banny and its predecessor company. He bragged he got the recipe by bribing a former employee of age with over $41,000. Now she's suing her former husband. We're talking about big dollars here. But the only way that it's going to have a real impact on chobani is if the company, who she says he stole the recipe from, were to take legal action. Reporter: And that special recipe, according to chobani's youtube page -- Almost 18 months in the kitchen. We try to do it as pure as possible. Reporter: On the competitions website, age claims it's made with a family recipe dates back to 1936. Just milk, cream and live active cultures. Chobani denying any theft or espionage. Telling ABC news, the allegations are completely baseless and without merit. Requests for comment have not been answered. The lawsuit comes amid a potential deal chobani is striking with six investors who are valuing the company at a whopping $5 billion. Lot of money at stake. Sure is comes down to the bottom line. Thank you. From yogurt wars to kaf yar

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{"id":23206521,"title":"Chobani Greek Yogurt Accused of Stealing Competitor's Recipe","duration":"3:00","description":"Founder's ex-wife claims her husband stole secrets from Fage.","url":"/GMA/video/chobani-greek-yogurt-accused-stealing-competitors-recipe-23206521","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}