Chris 'Cupcake' Tells What Really Happened on 'The Bachelorette'

The fan-favorite heartthrob describes his emotional, cliff-side breakup with Kaitlyn.
5:54 | 07/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris 'Cupcake' Tells What Really Happened on 'The Bachelorette'
Now to "Gma's" modern romance. We have the man who just might be the sweetest guy to exit "The bacheloret bachelorette". Chris "Cupcake" Strandburg. He's here to tell us what happened. First, a look back at the very dramatic good-bye. Reporter: It was the cliff-side meltdown heard round the world. That was -- it's okay. Reporter: The likes of one we haven't seen in years on "The bachelorette." 28-year-old Chris Strandburg, known affectionately as Chris cupcake, thanks to his sweet right at the start of the season. Oh, my god. Reporter: Was heart broken. Come on, Chris. Hold it together. Are you skup set with me? Reporter: Brace yourself for the possibility of more tear. I made a mistake and things went too far with nick. Reporter: When Kaitlyn reveals just what happened with her one on one date with nick. It's hard for me to admit it. But we had sex. Reporter: Will L they stay? I'm kind of upset and disgusted. I'm not playing. I'm done with you. Reporter: As for arch rivals, nick and SHAWN. There one person I have no respect for. I'm not going to let him have the last word. Hi, this is SHAWN. Down at the lodge. I'm looking for the room number for nick vile, leez. Reporter: Will the two romeos come to blows? Come in. What's up? You're the last person I want to talk to. How about get the Out of hi place right now. Reporter: Chris cupcake knows love can drive you the edge. All right, and Chris Strandburg joins us now. Looks like an intense confrontation between nick and SHAWN in the sneak peek. What do you think? There's a lot of heat between them. I think they both sense they have a strong connection with Kaitlyn. You get those emotions involved, it kind of comes out against the other guy. Speaking of emotions, it look like you have come a long way since we last saw you. How are you doing? In case a get a little emotional today, I brought the scarf. That's the scarf. This is it. That's the cliff-side scarf. I bring it everywhere I go. It's like your binkie. What's happened since then? That's national television. What kind of reaction do you get? Some have been supportive. Some have been laughing. I was within of them. When I watched that back, I just started laughing. I saw you laughing at me. We were laughing with you. We were laughing with you. No, we were laughing at you. But we were also laughing when you made the entrance on the cupcake. Where did that come from? The first night, you want to stand out. Well, there's standing out and then that's standing out. Normally, when people think of the den tis, they don't think about fun. And so, I waned to make sure that girls, I have a personality. I'm fun. I don't take myself too seriously. I wanted to do it in the most extreme way that I could. You got the first kiss of the season. The first rose. Was there a moment where you thought, all right, I got this thing. After our extra time in new York, we spent a lot of time together. We had awesome conversations. I was like, oh, yeah. I got this. We never had a bad moment together, honestly. At first, the breakup, you seemed okay. But then it sure did escalate quickly. What happened in those moments? In this experience, you make yourself vulnerable. You can actually have meaningful conversations. You don't have small talk. You connect with somebody quickly. I did feel genuine emotion. I was feeling sad. At the same time, I was laughing, too, on the ground, I was like, this is ridiculous. It all hit me at once. It all came out. For the people who say that was just for the show, you were acting. Those tears were overdramatic. You're saying they were legit? When I watched it back, it looked like I was king a. It's because I'm laughing at myself when I'm crying. Will you be able to love again, cupcake Chris? I think so. That's my favorite question I have ever asked in all of journalism. And will you still go by cupcake? Does the nickname stick? It stuck very hard. The whole season, that was my name. I think that's what I have to answer to for the rest of my life. After you left the show, Kaitlyn said, a lot of respect for Chris. One of a kind bachelorette cupcake. I was grateful for that. We're glad you brought cupcakes. I'm going for number two. In case you need, I brought some floss. Oh, nice. He's going out with a bang, too. Thank you, I might need that. What a great sport. Thank you. Thank you for coming on. Absolutely. An all-new episode. What will happen tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. You can watch an extended sneak peek of tonight's show on the website.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"The fan-favorite heartthrob describes his emotional, cliff-side breakup with Kaitlyn. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32247206","title":"Chris 'Cupcake' Tells What Really Happened on 'The Bachelorette'","url":"/GMA/video/chris-cupcake-tells-happened-bachelorette-32247206"}