Chris and Heidi Powell Show Us Their Favorite Breakfast

"Extreme Weight Loss" host Chris Powell and wife Heidi give ABC News a tour around their Arizona kitchen.
6:59 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for Chris and Heidi Powell Show Us Their Favorite Breakfast
I remind our viewers you're watching GMA 4440 live stream suffering forty years. A Good Morning America and we want to toss downtown to our good friend TJ Holmes whose lives in times Greer TJ good morning. Oh with a good morning to everybody here from Times Square now beautiful Times Square bustling Times Square this morning. Here coming up on 630 on the East Coast we do continue to amaze 4440 here alive. Getting set for the live TV broadcast coming up just a short time relief though you have the we always have nice crowd that'd do collect but I can tell you the crowd in the collecting on the outside of our student go to developed for this morning got some special guest on the live broadcast that they. You probably heard on the cast of Hunger Games are going to be along in a little while to some of these folks started lining up. Really early but just wanna come a cent to see if we continue with this life stream. I don't wallet to know you have been watching here on the slide stream a lot of the the news coming out of France would never gonna go too far from that. Reset to hear for the bottom of the hour no doubt but again they believe they have that masterminded a bill that need to have dealt boot possibly corner there in a neighborhood just north. A France were not that I ever go too far away from that story and will continue to bring you those updates here on this live stream broadcasts of please don't worry you'll continue to get those updates but we LO a lot in store as we now. About thirty minutes away from our lives. Television Good Morning America broadcast life. Help you yesterday's start a lot of people get out a bid to do a couple of things right you work out. And you got eight. So we're gonna help with that he part right now what they head out actually to Arizona Chris Powell host of the F that he he's addicted that the extreme. Extreme weight loss to host you know this guy you don't well I've standing by with his wife Heidi actually. Gonna help us start our morning here and you got a little something cooking four's good morning to you tell us what you got. Yeah amidst all the chaos we'll right now what he's frustrated he's still need to focus our health. Nursing her bonds so yes yet tuber Peter Grant is here it's there's still too raw goat pizza back. They need eternity delicious. In Italy particularly with her favorite breakfast here. This is Steve Brasilia or kids think we keep it fast easy and fun and equally delicious. Certainly there's. Unsweetened all have not been able to go ahead import. Third cup. You creamy. A quarter hypocrisy outer Manila ordinance are and it and it do you keep all the other. Act not that. Lee Greek yogurt. And a little gas and it. I need it got made it easy. Me like a really good at it it's your party and a younger and meeting. An indigent defense beat the heat about thirty seconds itself especially for those who got sort of relief that. Then against I have half an hour chops it. In the gives nice sweet and it's people who. Unholy unions split murders stop. Naked Eden and importance cleanly just a little bit and LSD is better the EU let. Act with. An autograph it seems pretty nice repeat we're gonna close to get but he started 280 calories or. A meeting energy costs that's. The EC is one of my favorite treat your stuff but just third. A rule here and just a quarter a sharp. I. And just like the billionaire through. And I GAAP. She's it was it's a powder peanut butter. And an air. TT students are best Black Sea or air and got through it here chocolate that's peanut butter me loose and an. In just about a third cup Otto milk. Mix it all together. And once again. Breakfast from me so delicious it's appropriate blend of carbohydrates fat look look piper. It's been a whole sober for 34 which is a meet and let it sit real. But in the meantime. Could little sneak peek into our lives so you can see how we put ourselves the order just missed. And here quit. Brackets down. We're gonna need via. Grants and more are. So look at our treasure. Them. In there aren't a lot Tupperware containers because I think we don't how to prepare and ready to eat. We're grabber we're gonna go to would eat in what's available that we struck areas we have got meat dairy or more. Hold or where grills. And then you aren't being army engineers can meet all they can do idiots in. Girl eating salads burritos whoever it is needs that was right. Yet that he. I want my spirits here yellow cheese. Butter or Ecstasy those low car it's torture and six. That we keep going back. What do they get a good bath items are the prepare everything and ball because he got its sales typically on Wednesdays and Sundays. Coming nearly prepare others. It just makes its secret that union by specimen deal with kids to get just throws some sort of protein in listens to start. It is not legal Eagles saw the and we got a deal for everybody settle. One meeting when you keep eating healthy it's not available to kids bought. So they open the door and it's and greet your credibility. Her sister are in here so we try to keep this available and ready for the kids while it is open racing got an ebony. All right so they have a little sneak peek in zero. Our fridge and it's you that basically hounded. Council and of course that's you over a period in Quebec visible class so. You know that ticket you'll today and some some great information he needs help nurtured on his. OK that was fantastic got I have to still that little secret about the little stands for the kids I gotta have a three year old but we three year old the house and you know sitting over that referred to ready to get our little spastic you get in and out of that I'll also won a message you guys the extreme transformation lifelong weight loss of 21 days. The book is available over pre sale now but it's released December 22 a have a right. Slip until these recipes and so many more could buy it right there in the book. And they're a little secret that's really mean they got that little button combinations throughout together they're absolutely delicious. Chris Heidi follow you all thanks to tanking with those we have a lot of news going on a day and Ella had to move a lot of things around to all stuffed with his certainly hope our you with gusts up about it we'll talk is that all right. We're prepared to Paris.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"\"Extreme Weight Loss\" host Chris Powell and wife Heidi give ABC News a tour around their Arizona kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35273194","title":"Chris and Heidi Powell Show Us Their Favorite Breakfast","url":"/GMA/video/chris-heidi-powell-show-us-favorite-breakfast-35273194"}