Chris Hemsworth said his 3 kids want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween

The "Thor: Ragnarok" actor said none of his children wanted to be Thor for the holiday, but he's "happy to play second to Wonder Woman."
6:10 | 10/30/17

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Transcript for Chris Hemsworth said his 3 kids want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween
here at exit 55, due to a truck fire, traffic being detoured off there at 110, and delays are building. Downtown memorial drive, still shut down in both directions at the Longfellow bridge for flooding and south of town route 3 shut down in both directions for utility poles. Caught on fire in the median there. Northbound traffic detoured off the twit 1, and southbound off at exit 2, Antoinette. Thank you, and we're back with another update coming up at 8:56. If you are out the door right now youan stay up to date with our mobile app. Your house? It is now that we spend more time in the states. We're from Australia so we don't celebrate it as much there. No trick-or-treating there? No, occasionally but not really. We lived in the bush and there wasn't really any houses there. Foraging through the trees for somberries. But, no, they're excited now that they're around the chocolate and the lollies and sweets that are in it. It's a little big deal here. It is, isn't it? A little bit. For kids of all ages. Of all ages. Just be glad you're not here tomorrow. Oh, yeah. Because we kind of get it into. "Cosmo politan" did -- talking about different times, the costumes and different years so we thought that we would look back at the years we started here and see what was the costume for that year. We thought that. No, our producers thought that. Our producers thought that. You go first. Lara, you started in 2011 so what was the costume in 2011? Oh, I mean this was brilliant. Sue Sylvester. Do you remember from "Glee." She was the coach. Easy. That's an easy to do, comfortable. Throw a whistle around your neck and you're good. George in 2009? One of my greatest memories, lady gaga. Yeah. Shared that moment. Yeah,. Remember when lady gaga was Joe, she dressed up as a dude and George was -- I was flying across the stage in a getup. You really missed it, Chris. It was something else. I'm the old lady here. I've been here since 2005 as an anchor so the cast of "Grey's anatomy." That's another great easy one. Still works today. I asked my kids the other day because we're going to go trick-or-treating what they want to wear for Halloween. What did they say? At the same time I got two boys and a little girl all said wonder woman. Everybody is wonder woman. And I was like, that's awesome. That's awesome. You know, what about Thor, though? I thought you were going to say Thor. At the same time they said, no. I said who is stronger. Wonder woman. So -- Training them well. I'm happy to play second to wonder woman. Our producers wanted us to are this with the audience. You posted over the weekend you standing next to a poster saying even I want to be Chris Pratt. Do we have that. I do. I do. So is there any shot that you might dress up as Chris Pratt? That's who I'm dressing up as. Not Chris Pratt in the "Guardians" actual Chris Pratt, t-shirt, baseball cap. That works. Anyone else going as Chris Pratt? All yours. So your boys take after you and your brother? Yeah, yeah, I -- my two boys are twin boy, one of them is just a complete nutter and full of like just energy and bounces it off the walls and eats standing up and doesn't sit still and he's all about swords and kind of, you know, and the other one is way pore calculated and sort of cautious, I guess, you know. Good pair. It's fascinating the way -- they came out like that like came out instantly day one, you went oh, that's who he is and that's who he is and complement each other nicely. I heard a great story about your brother, Liam, can you share with our audience the sort of what happened with the role of Thor? It's hard to imagine anybody else playing it but it wasn't almost -- it almost wasn't you. Yeah, no, I had an audition pretty early on in the process and it was just big worldwide search and went in and thought, oh, this is mine. I crushed that and then didn't get a call back and they were like, no, no good. Thanks, thanks for coming and then a few months go by and then I look at the trades magazine and it's the final six people and Liam is on the list and I was like, wow, that's awesome but also -- Hurts. Babies my heart, yeah. So he said can you help me with my audition. I said, yeah, yeah, sure and just gave him all the wrong advice. So he had a really bad audition then they called me back and I got the part. So, you know, older brother manipulation. But weren't you busy too because you were doing "Dancing with the stars," the Australian version. That was many, many years ago. I thought there was -- I should, though. I might -- you got a shot of it. You heard it here. That was -- Oh. Look at that. I got the lowest scores in the history of any dancer -- No. I remember the very first night walking out -- look at that. I'm just making that up. Look at this. It's awful. Look like Patrick Swayze there. Yeah, no. I tell you what we'll have you come back because we really want to talk about the Thor. It's different. It's -- you got some of the old ones back but then cate Blanchett is in it and "Thor: Ragnarok" is in theaters November 3rd. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"The \"Thor: Ragnarok\" actor said none of his children wanted to be Thor for the holiday, but he's \"happy to play second to Wonder Woman.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50803679","title":"Chris Hemsworth said his 3 kids want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween","url":"/GMA/video/chris-hemsworth-kids-woman-halloween-50803679"}