Christie on Sandy Recovery: 'My Mission to Finish the Job'

The New Jersey governor talks to George Stephanopoulos on the first anniversary of the superstorm.
3:21 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Christie on Sandy Recovery: 'My Mission to Finish the Job'
behind. George? Let's get more from the governor of new jersey, chris christie. He's on the shore at seaside park. Good morning, governor. One year, and 26,000 people are still out of their homes. That's not good enough, is it? Listen, george, we have made incredible progress over the last year. When you think about the fact that 346,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed. We made great progress. But you're right. The fact is, that these are problems when people still aren't back in their homes. But we warned of this way back when. It took 92 days for the congress to get the aid to the sandy victims. That's compared to ten days for katrina. And 17 days for gustave. That gets added to the back end. I understand the frustration of some folks. We're going to keep at it. It's our mission to finish the job. You sparred with senator tom coburn over aid for sandy. He's been pointing out only a fall fraction of the aid has gone through. And it doesn't seem to be going to the people who need it. Whose fault is that? Over $8 billion of federal aid has been distributed in new jersey and distributed some of the most needy people. When you think about the fact of the 40,000 people who were driven from their homes, nearly 30,000 of them have already gotten direct federal aid into their pockets. I disagree with the premise. But part of it, too, is senator coburn's concerned about it, is the endless federal regulation that's put on this money. The red tape is extraordinary, in terms of some of the programs. And so, if he's concerned about it, he's the guy down in washington. He should help to try to fix it. Let me ask you about another story in the news. The controversy over the nsa surveillance programs. You've been broadly supportive of the programs. Now there's this question of whether or not the program should be extended to the spying on foreign leaders. Do you support that? I have always felt like these programs are necessary and important. But they have to have appropriate oversight. Both from the white house, whose executing on these programs. And from the congress, who has the legal authority to have oversight. So, I'll be interested to hear from the president and from the white house on these issues, as any concerned american will be, over the course of the weeks to come. And whether they were doing eir jobs, at the white house and in congress, in terms of overseeing the nsa and what they were doing. Do you think we should be spying on our friends? George, listen, I'm not in any position to make those judgments as the governor of new jersey. What I'm focused on today is to continue the mission we have here. The second-worst natural disaster in the history of our country, and trying to bring our state back. Up for re-election next week. If you win, are you committed to serving out your full term? I'm committed to being the best governor new jersey can have, for as long as I can possibly do it. But neither one has a crystal ball and know what happens in the future. I've been honest with the people of new jersey and told them exactly that. I'll do this job as long and as aggressively as I can. And my current intention is to spend four years. But you never know what life is going to bring you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for the time. I appreciate it. You can say the door is open. Your expression said it all, when he was responding to that. Now, to the fast approaching

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The New Jersey governor talks to George Stephanopoulos on the first anniversary of the superstorm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20711921","title":"Christie on Sandy Recovery: 'My Mission to Finish the Job'","url":"/GMA/video/christie-sandy-recovery-mission-finish-job-20711921"}