Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Ex-Cop Suspected in Killings

Police have found the car of a former LAPD officer accused of killing three.
2:43 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Ex-Cop Suspected in Killings
Now, to the new details in the frantic manhunt for the former lapd officer on the rampage for police officers and their families. The suspect's vehicle was recovered. But there's no sign of him. Authorities say christopher dorner is on the loose, highly-trained and extremely dangerous. Abc's david wright is in big bear, california, with the very latest. David, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, amy. As you can see, we are a climate away from sunny southern california. And these weather conditions haven't exactly helped the search effort. Still, about 100 police officers have been out all night long, going door-to-door here. But so far, the search has gone cold. This morning, the manhunt has moved to this mountain. Armed officers swarming a popular ski resort, after christopher dorner's truck was found here wednesday. A smoldering wreck. But no body inside. Authorities say they found tracks leading away from the car. But no suspect. They have searched through the night. More than 400 homes, one-by-one. They have aerial searches, ground searches, and door-to-door searches going on. Reporter: Investigators say the 33-year-old former cop is seeking revenge. A motive spelled out in a manifesto posted online. A rant against a police department he says blamed him for exposing abuse. I will utilize every bit of small ar training, demolition and survival training I've been given. You have misjudged a sleeping giant. Of course, he knows what he's doing. We trained him. He was a member of the armed forces. It is extremely worrisome and scary. Reporter: Late thursday, cnn's anderson cooper says he found a package dorner sent him FEBRUARY 1st, WITH A COIN THAT Had been shot through. I never lied, apparently in reference to his dismissal from the lapd in 2008. Reporter: Inside, dorner says more evidence he was railroaded by police in 2006. Fired, he says, by a police department protecting its own. The chief at the time was bill bratton. I really have no recollection of his particular case. He would have been fired by me. In that I was chief of police at that time. Reporter: Police say dorner has now led them on a wild goose chase through three states and mexico. And they still have no idea where to find him. We ask that anyone who sees him, should not approach or attempt to contact him. But immediately call 911. Reporter: Authorities say this may be the biggest manhunt in southern california history. Police hunting a man that they fear is hunting them. George? David, thanks.

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{"id":18438393,"title":"Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Ex-Cop Suspected in Killings ","duration":"2:43","description":"Police have found the car of a former LAPD officer accused of killing three.","url":"/GMA/video/christopher-dorner-manhunt-cop-suspected-killings-car-found-18438393","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}