Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Inside the Shootout

Lt. Patrick Foy discusses the firefight with the fugitive EX-LAPD officer.
3:12 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Inside the Shootout
Listening, now, to the man carjacked by the suspect. We're going to turn, now, to lieutenant patrick foy. Lieutenant, your officers were the first to engage the suspect. They were driving down the street in one direction. He was driving the opposite. And they were able to spot him that quickly? They did. They were on the alert for the suspect's vehicle. They were paired up with deputies from san bernadino county. And when the suspect drove by in the two buses -- he had two buses he was using as cover. They drove past him. They recognized the driver of the vehicle. They recognized the vehicle. They turned around to pursue. But there was a minor delay. The deputies were actually in the process of trying to deploy some spike strips. Ultimately, by the time they got around the two buses, the suspect had unknowingly made a road. Drove up glass road, whereas our two wardens and deputies continued on forward. Ultimately, via the radio, they realized they had gone too far. They misse the turn. They let two additional patrol trucks -- three wardens and two patrol trucks know, they turned up glass road and ultimately came into contact with the suspect. And that's where the first volley of gunfire took place. And how many of your officers were actually involved in this firefight. I think people would be surprised to know that fire and wildlife department authorities are involved in gun fights like this. Unfortunately, we do get involved. It's been average of about one a year. We've had two in the last two months. This particular one, obviously, was -- was a bad one, obviously. How was it that dorner was able to escape the officers and get his way into that cabin? Do you know? What happened was, he was coming back down the road. We were looking for a purple colored nissan. And all of a sudden, this white pickup starts coming by in the opposite direction. That was not the suspect vehicle we were looking for. The warden who was driving in the front vehicle all by himself, passed the new white pickup, looked and noticed it was the suspect. Ultimately, he had no time to warn his partner, who was coming up right behind him. And by that time, dorner knew he had been recognized. He rolled down his window and opened fire on the officers that were in the second fish and game truck behind them. Go ahead, lieutenant. It's all right. Go ahead. Yeah. We are full police officers in california. Game wardens are police officers, just like everybody else. Ultimately, the officer who was driving that vehicle stopped and pulled out his patrol rifle and engaged probably 15 to 20 shots, as dorner was driving away. Lieutenant, very quickly. Are you confident that there's nobody else in this area that's been hurt? Have you been able to search other cabins? It turns out the suspect could have been in the area for nine days hiding. That's a hard one to answer. We're certainly working closely with the san bernadino's sheriff's office. They've taken the lead on this investigation. They're working on that, going cabin-to-cabin, for quite some time now. That's part of the investigation. Lieutenant patrick foy. A dramatic event last night in southern california. We appreciate your update.

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{"id":18487984,"title":"Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Inside the Shootout","duration":"3:12","description":"Lt. Patrick Foy discusses the firefight with the fugitive EX-LAPD officer.","url":"/GMA/video/christopher-dorner-manhunt-inside-shootout-cabin-big-bear-18487984","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}