Hagel, Brennan to Face Tough Congressional Confirmation

Nominees to head Defense Department, CIA will face tough questions from Democrats, GOP.
2:24 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for Hagel, Brennan to Face Tough Congressional Confirmation
Return to Washington now and the debate sparked by -- Obama's new -- for his national security team. Former Republican senator chuck bagels in for confirmation fight before he becomes Defense Secretary an Obama aide John Brennan will also face some tough questions in his bid to head the CIA. ABC's Jon Karl is covering it all from Washington good morning John. Good morning George -- the president is now put together the final pieces of his second term national security team. But he will have to do battle with congress before getting them all in place. The president is wasting no time defending his chosen national security team my number one criteria in making these decisions was simple. Who is going to do the best job in securing America. President Obama's choice for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. -- -- decorated Vietnam veteran with shrapnel from that war still -- his chest and Mr. President I will always give you my honest. And most informed council. But while he's a former Republican -- this morning he's drawing sharp criticism from both the right and the left. After comments he made in 2006 about Israel. On Monday Republican House majority leader Eric Cantor who is Jewish said hagel is quote the wrong man for the job. I'll make it my mission to ensure that the CIA has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe. Mr. Obama's choice to run the CIA -- -- counterterrorism advisor John Brennan is also facing push back from the president's supporters on the left. Because he supported so called enhanced interrogation techniques -- used in the bush administration's. Meanwhile outgoing secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Received a warm welcome -- returned to the state department for the first time since sustaining a concussion in early December. She was surprised with gifts including a football helmet to protect that injured head. -- Jersey with the number 112. Symbolizing the number of countries he has visited as secretary of state. One more big change could come later this week we expect the current chief of staff Jack glued to replace outgoing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner George. And John you saw Secretary Clinton right there she is leaving as secretary of state John Kerry coming into before she goes she will testify. On this attack on -- console him in Gaza. That's right the White House fully expects that before John Kerry is put in place as the next secretary of state that Hillary Clinton will go to the hill. And finally deliver that testimony the Republicans -- and asking for for so long. Okay Jon -- thanks much.

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{"id":18159299,"title":"Hagel, Brennan to Face Tough Congressional Confirmation","duration":"2:24","description":"Nominees to head Defense Department, CIA will face tough questions from Democrats, GOP.","url":"/GMA/video/chuck-hagel-john-brennan-face-tough-congressional-confirmation-18159299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}