Cleveland Rescue Video Released

Video shows police entering the home were three women were held captive.
3:00 | 05/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cleveland Rescue Video Released
We -- -- that brand new footage of a dramatic moment when police in Cleveland broke through the door and rescued two women who have been prisoners in this house of war. For a decade -- -- Alex Perez is in Cleveland with more Alex. Well good morning be out of that video last only about thirty seconds but it is our first glimpse at just how chaotic scene was here. When -- the Berry decided she and the others would no longer be prisoners. For the first time this morning we're seeing the dramatic moments when Cleveland police officers. Pried open the front door of aerial Castro's home. Freeing -- to his suits and Michelle night. The rescue caught on cell phone video by -- Cologne -- just mean a ball -- -- -- officers rushing in and pounding down the door. Happy you're like -- -- rush. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It all unfolds just moments after Amanda Berry and her six year old daughter -- -- According to Ashley the mother and daughter can be seen here in bracing in the middle of the street she kept -- a cop what her daughter like this coming to us with Cunningham keeping faith. -- protect -- This is the first Mother's Day in ten years amend Gina and Michelle our home in free. It's the gift their mothers spent the last decade dreaming about those desperate pleas when they were missing still crash. -- -- -- some days. I'm. Does not know -- this weekend on mothers marching and Arlington never forget what happened behind these war. Meanwhile investigators are firing back at allegations they may have missed clues over the years commander Gary -- -- handled the case from the start and says every tip -- It was investigated. -- everything checked out whether it was. Something we've checked out before we got -- again we check that out again. And -- that -- and her family say they will celebrate this Mother's Day with some of their favorites on the menu for them today corned beef has simply not as. And grounds ground beef stuffed potato boss Dan. It well deserved long overdue celebration -- that -- our thoughts are with them today out -- thank you for your reporting this morning.

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{"id":19161784,"title":"Cleveland Rescue Video Released","duration":"3:00","description":"Video shows police entering the home were three women were held captive.","url":"/GMA/video/cleveland-rescue-video-released-19161784","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}