Clive Davis Shares Stories of Discovering Springsteen, Santana

Music mogul discusses his nearly 50 years of experience in his book, "The Soundtrack of My Life."
3:42 | 02/19/13

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Transcript for Clive Davis Shares Stories of Discovering Springsteen, Santana
Back, now, with one of music's biggest moguls for half a century. Clive davis has discovered, and revived some of the biggest names in music. Bruce springsteen, whitney housto to alecicia keys. He is celebrating his story in his new book, "the soundtrack of my life." It is out today. I have not been able to put this down because you have the greatest stories in the biz. Well, thank you. That's what paying attention is. They call you the man with the golden ear. I was surprised to learn that you can't have a golden ear to start. You were an attorney. And everything changed at the monterey -- the monterey festival. With a little discovery that you made. I didn't know what to expect. And this new band took the stage. And there was thisstruttg, electrifying, white soul sister, janis joplin, performing for the people at the holding company. That came to me. I had to make my creative move. So, I signed the group. And then, blood, sweet & tears, and santana. I learned to trust my ears as their music really went out there. You have a saying. You're very blunt. You've either got it or you don't got it. And one person who definitely had it and still does, is bruce spri but in the book, you're really candid about, it wasn't an overnight sensation. It was not an overnight sensation. But his lyrics, his symbolism, was so unique. I went on closed-circuit television to read it to our columbia salesmen so they would not call him another bob dylan. That was the kiss of death. He had his own views, his own images. And he, as dylan, came a part of america. And I love you had to say to bruce, I need a little more energy on stage. It's hard to imagine the boss -- he wouldlay he's folk clubs. And I took him to a theater as large as radio city music hall. And the first time he got on that stage, he was still standing still in front of the mic. I pointed out to him, the virtue of going from side-to-side. He listened well. He listened well. Let's talk about whitney houston. We see here -- we have a clip of you introducing her to the world on "merv griffin." And you have said that it was very you wrote a very long, in depth chapter on her. Well, certainly, her success was radiant. It was awesome. It was world-shattering. I used to say, are you pinching yourself because you broke every record in the book. Her premature death was a major tragedy, is a major tragedy. Everybody in the business, artists, writers, producers, knew that of the contemporary artists, she has no peers. She was the best. Going to mention names. First word you think of? Simon and garfunkel. American beatles. The songs that simon wrote. And really, it was a period and for all-time. They were equivalent to the american beatles. Clive davis, the stories about the grateful dead, alicia keys, aretha franklin. Check out "the soundtrack of my life." And you're the cover guy on "billboard." We congratulate you. And you can see more clive davis

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{"id":18536596,"title":"Clive Davis Shares Stories of Discovering Springsteen, Santana","duration":"3:42","description":"Music mogul discusses his nearly 50 years of experience in his book, \"The Soundtrack of My Life.\"","url":"/GMA/video/clive-davis-shares-stories-discovering-springsteen-santana-book-18536596","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}