Extreme Closet Makeover: Tips for Closets Large and Small

Lisa Adams transforms one cramped room into a chic and efficient closet.
4:07 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for Extreme Closet Makeover: Tips for Closets Large and Small
Story -- closet make over. It's part of our series improve best when you -- -- -- closet you can't find anything to where it may not fear wardrobes fault could be a case of closet com. Clutter ABC Cecilia Vega -- what they closet guru to find out what it takes. To make that dream closet. General likes her Alexander McQueen -- displayed for all to see. Giuliani -- had to have been here jewelry cabinet. And -- that that episode and TV screen shows my closet. Right Kerry showed off her closet big enough to leave -- -- remembered across. It's enough to make the evening Carrie -- shot -- -- -- you to listen dude get her dream closet. Hot day in your closet guru and -- Adams for your client want -- -- that's why. Her mission to turn his brand Southern California -- good to speeches over the top Sheikh. My overall vision the sky practicing for almost like -- an absentee -- -- -- like friends coming over having a glass -- -- here. The transformation starts with putting every inch of wasted space to good use. That means taking inventory. -- very personal and measuring everything right down to mr. -- -- to listen Kiki. And it's up to study sketchy at -- My chandeliers. -- -- -- 03 months and nearly 80000. Are you ready for this known now are going to be so tell us about this extreme -- takeover is finally ready. Wow. A lot of let me. -- -- I feel like we have to be quiet and turn museums here. I think clues color coordinated neatly -- and all those shoes and purses on display. It's enough to make a girl DDI. Absolutely it's turned -- you know I'm sorry to and it wrapped is not a whole other section yeah. Of course there's -- crystal chandeliers sparkle. -- and underneath their -- a special display for sunglasses jewelry even little space set aside for kids watch it. Yeah. She's yeah were stationed as an extra. OK so now that was very extreme but we do have some really simple tips to organize your closet at that don't cost a lot of money can get all of these things are most of them. I -- local hardware store starting with the is. Recognize anomalies normally and -- shower curtains they're called -- sucks you buy that instead of using them in your bathroom. Use them in your closet to -- purses necklace says. Your husband's -- -- super easy super but if you don't have a lot of closet space on the hanger he may also want to buy a second hole. And then you can do it also on lower -- that's an -- -- -- -- Doleac who literally doubling your face. This is really a great way to do that thing that is -- hard for a lot of us. Parting with the closing you're not sure if you want your -- -- so what do you deal here's a really simple -- you hang close this fight and then once he warned them you hang them this. At the end of the season what you haven't -- what is still hanging -- I. Needs to be donated wow it's time to get out you have to be a little top club PW -- one final simple task and this is of my favorites my -- Sabrina you give us this woman. On the bottom of the -- it's always really -- You can take it -- magazines. And put them inside your boots to stand up -- whether or old water bottles to the understanding to they're not in -- daughter over and then not knots take up more space. -- you know everybody simple -- to local hardware store improvements. Stay with me and -- -- more intense than learning I'm your positive Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"id":19648793,"title":"Extreme Closet Makeover: Tips for Closets Large and Small","duration":"4:07","description":"Lisa Adams transforms one cramped room into a chic and efficient closet.","url":"/GMA/video/closet-systems-extreme-makeover-tips-closets-large-small-19648793","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}