Coach Accused of Bullying as Team Crushes With Massive Win 91-0

Parent of losing team member files complaint against staff for "not easing up" during football game.
4:26 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for Coach Accused of Bullying as Team Crushes With Massive Win 91-0
index," a high school football coach, sparking some outrage. His team won a recent game, 91-0. A parent for the loading team, filing a complaint against the coach. Accusing him of -- and this is the word being used -- bullying. Saying he should have eased up on the rival team. Abc's bianna golodryga has the story. ♪ You really, really suck ♪ Reporter: We know how the water boy was bullied on the football field. But this morning, for one texas football fields, they say bullying on the field is no joke. On friday night, the undefeated aledo bearcats crushed western hill, in a game that ended 91-0. That's a cremation. That's what that is. I wish at some point they could say, game over. Reporter: One parent was upset enough to file a bullying complaint, against the entire winning team's coaching staff. Saying they should have eased up. In the complaint, the parent who remains anonymous, writes, on friday night, we all witnessed bullying firsthand. I did not know what to say to explain the behavior of the aledo coach for not easing up when the game was in hand. Bearcats head coach, tim buchanan, said he did take steps to back down. When you get 56-0, and 63-0, you start trying to figure out what can we do to slow down? Reporter: He started running the clock and putting in substitutes. The only thing we did not do is tell our kids to quit playing hard. I think one of the most important things you can do is teach kids about resilience and how to lose gracefully. And deal with the negative emoti emoti emotions. Reporter: It's common to bring the game to a mercy rule, which brings the game to an end if one team has a large lead over another team. But in texas, there is no such rule. Bounce back and figure out how to handle it and face the next day. You better believe we're going to talk about this. With child development specialist, dr. Robin silverman. Thank you for being here. We know, and we talk about it on the show. Bullying does exist. It's real. It's dangerous. Are we quick to label like that? And do you think in this case, it was bullying? I think you're right. We do label it very quickly. When I am presenting to schools and to parents, I define bullying with a, b, c, d. "A" is aggressive. An attack. "B" is the balance of power unequal. Older/younger? "C" is it consistent? Happening more than once over a period of time. And, "d" is it delivering? Is there an intention to harm. And in this case, I do not believe there was an intention to hurt or harm. We should point out, this coach put his third-string players in before halftime. They ran the clock -- kept it running, no timeouts for the entire second half. It's a good team. It's a high-scoring team. If these two teams shouldn't be playing each other, that's fine. Short of that, there's just -- there is not -- I will say, there's nothing more disheartening to just get trounced like that. I disagree. If you lost and it's really close, that hurt more than if you just get -- so much better. Really. I don't know. It hurts, period. I grew up being the underdog all my life, or felt that way. Seriously. I understand both sides. And I know those kids walked off the field feeling terrible. But is that the responsibility of the other team? The parent, okay. The reason they came forward, they had their reasons for it. What do you say to parents if they're involved in a game like that and they see their child is being beaten like that? Use it as a lesson. This is a time to reframe. So, talk to your child. Say, look. You failed to score. But that doesn't make you a failure. What I saw out there was somebody who had great character. Who kept going, no matter what happened. You're going to use that all throughout your life. Make sure that no loss beats you down. Not in football, and not in life. Yeah. That's a good point. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. Very helpful. The a, b, c, d, very helpful.

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{"id":20655578,"title":"Coach Accused of Bullying as Team Crushes With Massive Win 91-0","duration":"4:26","description":"Parent of losing team member files complaint against staff for \"not easing up\" during football game.","url":"/GMA/video/coach-accused-bullying-team-crushes-massive-win-91-20655578","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}