Coast Guard Rescues California Sailors, 1 Dead

Five sailors were saved and one died after their boat crashed against San Clemente Island.
2:05 | 03/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coast Guard Rescues California Sailors, 1 Dead
We turn now to a dramatic rescue at sea. A sailboat racing down the california coast was crushed by heavy stranding the crew. The coast guard fought through the chop to save them. All caught on tape. Gio benitez has the story. Reporter: Daring rescue. Not only did they battle the weather, but also the darkness. An overnight race. And this morning, five sailors are mourning the loss of one of their own. A night vision camera captures the ship wreck. A tattered sailboat on the beach, the crew members stranded on the island. The coast guard moving in for the rescue. It was quite dark. The seas from six to eight feet. Reporter: The 32-foot boek, named "the uncontrollable urge" lost control in a race on friday night from long beach to san diego. The may day call came from the island of san clemente. The coast guard pulls five crew members to safety. For a sixth man, 36-year-old craig williams, it was too late. The boat attempted to deploy an emergency raft. They were not able to maintain control of it. It was too windy. The boat was -- just moving and rolling too violently. Reporter: William, seen in this video on a boat last november, was a father and husband who loved to sail. The one thing about craig is that he loved more than sailing was his family. And, um -- gosh, it just breaks my heart. Reporter: Before the race, the captain of the sailboat tweeted this, gonna see what this boat can do. And first race on new urge. He never put the race or the boat or anything ahead of our own safety. He always looked out after everyone else. Reporter: And he'll will remembered. Right now, five sarls are back home after being treated for cut,bruise, and hypertherm ya. Now facebook sheryl

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{"id":18700118,"title":"Coast Guard Rescues California Sailors, 1 Dead","duration":"2:05","description":"Five sailors were saved and one died after their boat crashed against San Clemente Island.","url":"/GMA/video/coast-guard-rescue-video-california-sailors-saved-dead-18700118","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}