Colin Farrell: 'Winter's Tale' Role Was 'A Joy'

Colin Farrell discusses his new romantic film that took 30 years to bring to the screen.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Colin Farrell: 'Winter's Tale' Role Was 'A Joy'
The character. I got it. It's fine. He's got it. It was a joy. One of the post beautiful thing about being part of this film was being if New York. For five months. I'm not just saying that. The book, the city is such a part of the story. A character in the story. To be here just before sandy struck. It was a crazy time the be in the city. And yeah, just to be around all these iconic landmarks, and the energy of this place if the middle of winter. Peter lake was a lovely character to play. Someone born in a world of hard Knox and came from being an orphan, never had family, never grew up in an environment of love and belonging. Found that belonging that he experiences in the love in first ten or 15 minutes of the movie. It's got everything. Good versus evil. It has -- it's a fantasy world. But it's a love story at heart. Absolutely. It exists, I suppose, in -- two places that don't -- at the at times can be diametrically opposed. The intimate and the internal and the heart. And the world of culture and cityscapes tapped world of in the imagination. The are elements of what feel like supernatural to it. The most soup natural thing is the love between the characters. It's so sweet, so deep, it ends up transcending time. The story takes place over 100 years. Your character lives 100 years plus. When you didn't realize you had been living that long until the Jennifer Connelly character comes along. How did you tap into the raw emotion? Remembering finally? Human beings are emotional creatures, whether we like to admit it or not. You're connected to your emotion or suppressing it. But there's gray areas, too. I was -- it was fun. It was all there on the page. Akiva goldsman wrote such a beautiful page. It was a distill ed aspect of the book. Put a lot of his experience in. The emotional weight was on the page. It was easy to access. He was moved by the fight scenes between you and rund Russell Crowe. He is a strong man. They said -- it was like y'all were dancing. It was so choreographed. It can be. It's a to and fro. There's an understanding. It's -- yeah, you don't -- you're not trying to defeat the person. You're dancing with them. It works. Now it's a major, a major motion pig chur. As opposed to a minor motion picture. I want to see that on a book some day. People need to see this and need to see you. Thank you. Have you seen my legs? I've been doing an abworkout for the last ten minutes. My lower abs look amazing. You can do the fight scene all over again. Spare no expense at "Gma." Oh. Was that mean? Was that mean? Colin Farrell, ladies and gentlemen. Soon to be coming back here to "Good morning America." "Winter's tale" opens nationwide on Valentine's day. Perfect.

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{"id":22440825,"title":"Colin Farrell: 'Winter's Tale' Role Was 'A Joy'","duration":"3:00","description":"Colin Farrell discusses his new romantic film that took 30 years to bring to the screen.","url":"/GMA/video/colin-farrell-interview-2014-winters-tale-star-actor-22440825","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}