College Football Playoff National Championship Rematch

Former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer talks about tonight's game where the Alabama Crimson Tide will play the Clemson Tigers.
3:43 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for College Football Playoff National Championship Rematch
Next up Alabama crimson facing off tonight net epic championship. Rematch. The tigers looking to the throne the Crimson Tide apple actors so. But nail biting loss Jesse isn't Tampa where the teams will do battle do you enjoy being in Tampa's little bit cold here. The New York Jets uniform talk about the big rematch tonight let's talk about what. Yesterday you're giants and you knew once they got shellac as they did the people to bring out. The boat trip that was about a week ago on their off day there's if it as a critic of the connection to the to come on. I think there is a connection I don't think there's any physical connection to your point earlier in the boat party happened a week before the game but I do think there was a little bit of a mental hangover from that. Because they all created a massive distraction I biggest pro athletes if you're gonna post the party on social media you open yourself up to a lot of criticism if you've played poorly. You're gonna have to answer for that here to get questioned fort mortal beckoned Jr. dropped touchdown pass early. And for the sterling Shepperd in the very next play and it snowballed from there the giants didn't just lose because of how the wide receivers played they give up 38 for hit and hail Mary at the end of the first al-Qaeda at the end of the day didn't really help but there were reports the total Beckum junior punched a hole in the wall and outside the press conference troops I think that this shows you. There was a little bit of a mental and maybe an emotional angle it's dangerous for receiver to in the wall and it's just been just a cycle of the game tonight. It a little bit of a controversy for Alabama this week coaching controversy. Tell us what happened what givers and might make. George I've never seen this before a head coach making a change it offensive coordinator one week before the big game Celine Kiffin out. These are key Asian and for Alabama calling plays and the big question a house is gonna affect the offense for Alabama I think. Nick Saban thought there's too much distraction going on Lane Kiffin has gone to become the new head coach at Florida Atlantic University they didn't play great on up it's against Washington in the semifinal. Steve search teams is one of the most respected offensive minds. It all of college football he knows the playbook he knows the players but he hasn't called plays for them yet this year I think this is one of the most intriguing aspects of tonight's. An intriguing as one word. OK let's let's talk more about the big game ended the big game goodness that's over your shoulder on the Jumbotron there aren't so it doesn't tell us and we should watch for a both sides of. All. Money for Clemson starts with quarterback Jon wants is one of the best mobile quarterbacks in the country finished runnerup for the Heisman. He's gonna try to prove that he's the best player here tonight. He's going to be confident to be disciplined so well against Alabama last in the national title game we didn't have though was his best wide receiver Mike Williams six foot three foot point five pounds. He's playing tonight is a match at night routes either try to take advantage of all the man coverage that Alabama defense let's throw. Over the Crimson Tide. What about true freshman quarterback Jay on hurts eighteen. SEC offensive player of the year he showed phenomenal pours all season but tonight. Playing the biggest stage of his life. How does he handle the pressures on the one who. And just gave you have a couple friends what you've got a lot riding on tonight's game I do guy's guy c'mon and I got big Al here from Tuscaloosa. Yeah and tiger putts and he's got to man up a year ago they like each other so much they decided to come back and do it again play for the national championship trophy presented by doctor pepper. So Ari are you gotta make your ears election music do that Jesse and make pick. Robert you're really good at making he has a very sabathia threw no browser they're out big I love him a picture last year. This year I'm golden all right well the oil. The biggest difference both left and James of Brooklyn that is it 1980 want to absorb you cannot sit on I'm sorry about the when it got to live yeah there. You can think Clinton and I've ever you can see for yourself the battle for the national title but I that they give he's been on he has been.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer talks about tonight's game where the Alabama Crimson Tide will play the Clemson Tigers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44638347","title":"College Football Playoff National Championship Rematch","url":"/GMA/video/college-football-playoff-national-championship-rematch-44638347"}