Comedy Group's Tips on How to React to a Bad Christmas Gift

T.J. Holmes reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:43 | 12/23/15

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Transcript for Comedy Group's Tips on How to React to a Bad Christmas Gift
Now, you all admit some of you right here, sitting in my face are going to give some bad gift this is year. Not me. Somebody. I probably will. I definitely will. You'll receive some bad one, as well. This is -- No? This is what we try to help people with. For those who are going to receive bad gifts how do you react? Somebody is looking at you, you open your bad gift. There's an l.a.-based comedy group to put together a few ways to react to those gifts you hate, look. Oh, little mistaky-poo. ? this isn't mine. This is someone else's. No, it says Jacob. It's not mine, though. You're Jacob and this is your gift. Who's next? S Loving it. Loving it. Look at this, guys. This is not what I wanted at all. Okay. That's good. What do you do? All right. What do you do? Okay, what do you do? This is how you handle these awkward situations. There's ways to be polite about it. Sometimes you will know that it's a regift. What do you do when it's a regift. One of the best things you can do is acknowledge it? We discussed that on "Gma" one day. I don't know about that. Do you acknowledge it take the awkwardness out of the way. What if it's not a regift. That's the chance you got to take, rob. Like fourth and one. Do I go for it or not. Us just say thank you. This isn't hard. That's it, America. Wisdom. Okay. Would I give you a gift? Let me see if you just say thank you. All right. Let's move on here. You all talked about the Starbucks gift cards. That's an easy one always to just hand out. They're going to give millions of dollars in those, last-minute procrastinators. Hollywood award season. I know you're seeing your movies and getting red di for the Oscar race heating up. They launched a new website called my movie year and you compete with your friends to see as many as you can and rank amongst your friends who watched the most movies and which of those movies become Oscar nominated movies. A way to have a little fun. Have a little fun. So going to have a little fun with you all this morning as part of a movie challenge. I don't know how much you have been watching or how many but I'm going to put something up on screen. You all tell me which potential Oscar movie this is referencing. What is that. James bond whatever it is. Bridge, bond and -- Talk it out. "Bridge of spies." There it is, George. "Bridge of spies." All right. All right. You get the idea now. Maybe I should explain the rules a little bit. I'm sorry. Now try this one. Put this one up. Talk it out. What is that. A train. Toy train. Train. "Trainwreck." Good one. That one took longer than I expected. Toy train -- that one took longer -- you all talked it out, though. I got one last one. Millions of views on Facebook, this thing has right now. This is a little holiday cheer for you. This is a jingle bells like you've never seen before. Will and grace star Sean Hayes delivered this Christmas gift to everybody. Let me let you look first and then we'll discuss. ? Jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ? jingle, jingle, jingle bells jink, jink, jingle bells ? Sean Hayes and his husband put it together with graphics and the whole shebang. That is Barbara surprise and's "Jingle bells." Yes, they put it together. That was very fun.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"T.J. Holmes reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35923596","title":"Comedy Group's Tips on How to React to a Bad Christmas Gift","url":"/GMA/video/comedy-groups-tips-react-bad-christmas-gift-35923596"}