Congressional Castaways: Two Senators Swim With Sharks, Live With Monster Crabs on Deserted Island

Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Martin Heinrich survive together for a week on an island in new Discovery reality show
5:55 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Congressional Castaways: Two Senators Swim With Sharks, Live With Monster Crabs on Deserted Island
Welcome of the fine print on Jeff felony. What happens when you take a Republican and a Democrat and put them on a desert island for a week. It's called rivals survival a new political reality show and discoveries. The US senate. This matter comes with stupid. Which is water upon. It's Arizona Republican senator Jeff flake and New Mexico democratic senator Martin Heinrich go away for a week all in the spirit of bipartisanship. To walk me through how this happened. How you both ended up on the silent but lagged. Bends the few hours trying my hands it survival once alone and then once with a couple of my kids. But Martin and I were talking during the late night budget vote jokingly at first about going away and proving them Democrat Republican who worked together. On an island and it just got. A little more serious after that. You know you're joking about her things so bad well this is a crazy idea and the more I thought about just how. Challenging it's gotten to time to work together and to sort of cut through partisanship on Capitol Hill. The more I thought it would be nice contrast for people to see a Republican and Democrats struggling but working together. Once you got there did you think what's the Mike producing forgiveness there was a lot of time to second guess things at that point we signed up for best it's. We gotta do it. Jumped out and vote complete blue water nothing else he's done nothing for quite awhile. There are a lot of sharks in these waters a lot of friction out really task. I thought maybe I could swim just a little faster than Barton and that might help me with the sharks and stuff but Democrats are expendable so you know why not. Describe the island to me what it looked like what we're some of these things that you encountered during that week the most. Picturesque island in the world just a couple of acres round. It's all the way around. We arrived certainly didn't have heightened the fish and trying to create a fire. Or the time. And then the next day we decided we needed a few more resources than that island could provide. And there was a larger island. It's probably two thirds of a mile away that we decided to swim to. These incredibly picturesque places. Our picturesque as were used to experiencing them with a bottle water in our hands. And sun screen and sunglasses and you quickly realize that when you don't have those things they don't feel quite as picturesque. The biggest challenge obviously is water. We didn't take any water why not we we want of this to be an authentic survivor experience and and it was. We found Coca. As thousands and thousands of that's a lot of Coca water that was so much save the day we really needed that you're dehydrated. You know you're below what you need to be optimal if you don't have anything to drink but coconut. It just doesn't quench your thirst the way that fresh water does. Needless to say I think were pulled. Both probably over the yet coconut water fat this. What's the worst thing that you encountered out there there's a night when a when a coconut crabs crawl right up on top of these and it's coconut program coconut is that looks like quite large especially. These are big crabs which they did find Don Meehan that pensioners have been that open coconuts yes so well suited up until pretty fast it exactly crawl up my leg in the middle of the night knicks who hard to sleep at night. Andy is senator well the sharks he's. A concern I mean we were swimming with the sharks beat you need to go Republican he'd be more comfortable. Pent up. And he always wonder when that when the meeting was gonna come and so here. A perfect world who would view. It passed as the next. A group two do this who were two people that you would pay good on the seventh looking at my colleagues Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren. Wow you know I have suggested that on the floor I'm not sure it's gonna go anywhere not off. Tip nobody bit on the Elizabeth was there and then let's just say I think. I think it may be. Maybe us again so ought to have been cheerleaders. There you definitely McConnell Henri McConnell Emory. Washington is. Has incredibly low approval ratings so what substantively to do you discussed out there if anything. We talked a lot about process and why it is that things are as polarized this that the common you know frankly there's not a lot of trust in Washington. I don't think you have to agree with people to be able to work together but yet to trust them and can you have to know while enough to know that they're they're going to be good to their word this. One thing. That if you could change it to make it move more effectively what would it be senator. I'd love to see us either five days a week irrespective through the weekend sometimes. For three weeks on and then you go home and you tour your state for a week. Have a but he get together and I think people see through differences that. And see that at least we can work together process briefings bring things haven't Laurie and if we vote differently in the end strip centers thank you for country thanks for heaven's. And that's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News pumped up selling. We'll catch you next.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Martin Heinrich survive together for a week on an island in new Discovery reality show","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26391623","title":"Congressional Castaways: Two Senators Swim With Sharks, Live With Monster Crabs on Deserted Island","url":"/GMA/video/congressional-castaways-senators-swim-sharks-live-monster-crabs-26391623"}