Conquer Your To-Do List With New Apps

From housekeeping to massages, ABC News' Sara Haines tries out a bevy of new apps.
2:59 | 01/05/15

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Transcript for Conquer Your To-Do List With New Apps
little girls at home. Thank you, Reena. Next on the "Gma heat index." There's an app for everything these days. A closer look at the surprising ways you can conquer your to-do list. Sara Haines is tracking them all. Reporter: These days, you can get almost anything with just a few clicks. I wondered, sit possible to Uber your life. The possibilities are end less. House coopers. Hand did men. At-home dry cleaning pups. An odd job. A doctor who will house call in just two hours. This is crazy. What can I order from the comfort of my house delivered to my door instantly. First up, hair. There's nothing better than a blowout. I went to the glamsquad app. Salon beautiful hair right here at home. Within an hour. Come in. I had -- this is amazing. My very own personal stylist. Gorgeous. Reporter: What about a massage? The app zeer searches for massage share misses in my area. I have a confirmed point at 3:00 P.M. Today. Three hour later. I'm Sofia from zeel. Reporter: What about my pups? You can book a dog walker with three hours' notice. Yay, dog walk is booked. Who's excited? Clearly not them. Bye guys. And track them on the walk. A little poop pops up here letting me know where he did his business. So cool. And see pictures. I'm getting pictures of my dogs. Every day, new apps are popping up. Offering services on demand across the country. There are great efficiencies. It's why it's booming. Why it's so attractive. Reporter: Start ups who fit the Uber for X model has secured $1.73 billion in venture funding for 2014. My day of beauty was well worth it. I could really get used to this. Harder, Sofia. As you wish. Clearly I focused on luxury. I wasn't turning down massage. But there are prat call services. Shyp. Take a picture of any item. Send it top someone shows up to your door and has the packaging to send it. Is there a concern about who shows up at your door? No. It's only available in San Francisco, Miami, and New York, but it's expanding soon. There's nothing worse than doing that. These are great. Thank you so much, Sara. The deal is the massage one. A good ma saunl? Sofia did a great one. We're getting to the morning

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"From housekeeping to massages, ABC News' Sara Haines tries out a bevy of new apps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28001927","title":"Conquer Your To-Do List With New Apps","url":"/GMA/video/conquer-list-apps-28001927"}