Convicted Murderers Escape Jail With Forged Documents

A manhunt is under way for two convicts who were released after forging a judge's signature.
2:02 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Convicted Murderers Escape Jail With Forged Documents
Right now, to the massive manhunt for the two convicted murderers released from the state from a florida prison. They used forge documents. Pierre thomas has all the latest. Good morning, pierre. Reporter: Good morning, george. Today, prisons in florida are on high alert, as authorities will there are describing the scam that broke the inmates out as an ongoing threat. In florida, fear. The reason, these two men, convicted murderers, facing life sentences, who escaped prison. But there were no weapon, no violence, no tunnels. They literally walked out of jail. After tricking corrections officials. People are scared to death. They would be anywhere. But they had to have somebody to help them. Reporter: Here's how the scam worked. Someone filed these fake documents with the florida court clerk. The clerk then sent the paperwork, ordering the state correction's department to release the inmates. The documents look like the real thing, with a judge's signature, cut and pasted from a real court order. The alleged forged signature is that of chief judge melvin perry, who overawe tcasey anthony missing child case. You have to give them an "a" for being imaginative and effective. Reporter: In 1998, joseph jenkins killed a father of six children in orlando. Charles walker fatally shot a 23-year-old man in orange county a year later. Jenkins strolled out of prison WAY BACK ON SEPTEMBER 27th, 20 Days ago. Walker's been on the run since OCTOBER 8th, WITH MORE THAN A Week's head start. They are dangerous. And they are actively being sought by every law enforcement agency in the state of florida. Reporter: Authorities caught another florida inmate last spring attempting the same scam. That's why they're worried this could be a new tactic. No other cases have been identified. But with thousands of prisoners, it's going to be a painstaking process to make sure no one else escaped. Thanks. Now, to a new terror threat.

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{"id":20608770,"title":"Convicted Murderers Escape Jail With Forged Documents","duration":"2:02","description":"A manhunt is under way for two convicts who were released after forging a judge's signature.","url":"/GMA/video/convicted-murderers-escape-florida-jail-forged-documents-20608770","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}