New Cooking Competition Gives Chefs Just 1 Bite to Shine

Anthony Bourdain discusses judging pressure-cooked new series, "The Taste."
3:10 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for New Cooking Competition Gives Chefs Just 1 Bite to Shine
So we all judge a dish by the very first bite. That's what some of the leading chefs in the world will be doing in a new show, "the taste." One of the judges, master chef, anthony bourdain. He knows how he feels and why he feels as such. Phenomenal idea. Let's be honest. It can be fantastic. If I don't like the first bite, I may not go back for a second. It creates a level playing field. We got surprising outcomes. An amateur cook has a chance. An amateur cook with a sense of what makes people happy and tastes delicious has a good chance. Knife work, presentation, the heart breaking back story, fantastic dentistry, ain't gonna help them. You have professional chefs and amateurs going up head to head here. People half in, half out of the business. Professionals with great back grounds. Homemarks. The way it shook out was a constant shock. We're judging blind. We don't know who we're picking for our teams who we're sending home and the hatch goes up and we see two was in there. Was there a bite that stands out? There were a lot of them. There was some shocki iingly good food. You have been everywhere. These are three of your favorite bites now. Yes? Think this points up what people found out. A set for caviar here. This is -- twist that up. Right back to college here. Orvf course. Oh -- oh -- you ask yourself, you're trying make a delicious spoonful of food, all the time, something simple like a radish, some butter, and salt. Am I making it better by doing additional things to it or should I leave well enough alone? One of the mistakes that professionals make is they overthink it, kroefr complicate, try to dazzle. That's why this some areas, the amateur has the edge. We hear balance, balance. What am I balancing here? Stunky french cheese and a good hunk of bread. How do you improve that? You don't. This is an interesting one. The radish with the -- is that sea salt and butter? Yeah, old school, sit on the bar in france, rattish, butter, salt. They have these in bars in france? Good bars. That's also delicious. I love the idea of the show. It's such a good idea. We had a lot of fun. We thought this could be gigantic. How good could it be? It could be really good. We ended up, all of us, really invested in how our teams did. Involved in the game. Forgot we were on television. Can't wait to see. "The taste." Right here on abc.

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{"id":18210753,"title":"New Cooking Competition Gives Chefs Just 1 Bite to Shine","duration":"3:10","description":"Anthony Bourdain discusses judging pressure-cooked new series, \"The Taste.\"","url":"/GMA/video/cooking-competition-chefs-bite-shine-18210753","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}