Filmmaker Walks Through 11 Countries in 60 Seconds

Rick Mereki compiled video of him walking through 11 different countries into one short clip.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Filmmaker Walks Through 11 Countries in 60 Seconds
Actually really great videos sometimes a film can actually show us more in a minute that we can see in our entire lifetimes and Rick -- Ricky. And his two buddies and really isn't Tim White traveled through eleven countries 44 days to create this spectacular video look at this. Here it shows Rick literally walking across the world through the magic of video editing you'll be walking. In front of the Royal Albert Hall in the next second through a Middle Eastern cafe. The friends only had two cameras as they -- 38000. Miles to capture the footage it's one of a three part series that -- says culminated. Into the trip of a lifetime I mean you can imagine he also send us some personal photos that he and his friends took on their journey. -- traveling didn't stop there. Rick also recently released a new film called toward the saw this beautiful time -- film in which he calls a psychedelic. Experience at the canary. I don't panic Canary Islands Telemar easily traveled right when it got there and and split is -- -- has surviving and I just wonder -- who who can afford to do I would love to them. But you know it's a lot of vacation time I don't lot of consultants are guessing you don't know I know -- I didn't want it -- -- -- -- -- right. I -- -- and it never and I don't -- I think I've grown. But I didn't back -- -- but it looks great. They look great I mean it's an awfully big guy and model based you know when you see those videos it's like the most beautiful person in the delivering birds are doing marathons of -- -- -- -- Beautiful -- but anyway looks great. He's a check it out online and he's hot going to England from. -- other innocent.

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{"id":22648324,"title":"Filmmaker Walks Through 11 Countries in 60 Seconds","duration":"3:00","description":"Rick Mereki compiled video of him walking through 11 different countries into one short clip.","url":"/GMA/video/cool-travel-videos-filmmaker-walks-11-countries-60-22648324","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}