Counting Down to the New Year With Ryan Seacrest

The television superstar dishes on what's happening in Times Square for "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2015."
5:00 | 12/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Counting Down to the New Year With Ryan Seacrest
And we are gearing up for the party tomorrow night. With us this morning, the man of the evening, Ryan Seacrest. Good morning. The ultimate Mc. Hosting dick Clark's new year's rockin' eve. It's right here on ABC. And you have more artists than ever before, 38 performances? 38 performances. This is the biggest show that I've ever done in my life. Tomorrow night. We're going to do five and a half hours of live broadcasting and goes well into the middle of the night with the west coast party. But 38 performances. Literally, when you see the open of the show, the open take's about five minutes. Really? All the names, Taylor swift. Exactly. Taylor will be there. Taylor has had, as everybody knows, an incredible year. She's a huge country/pop artist and decided to make a totally pop album and it became the biggest album of the year. She'll be performing live outside too. Some of my fellow anchors are making fun of me for working out to that frequently. You do? Blank space, I have to put my windows up at an interaction, I'm singing out loud. When it's green, I put them back down. You have the artists. And that's year you had somebody huge playing from the Barclay's center in Brooklyn. Elton John. This year it's Billy Joel. This year it's Elton John. We will go live to Barclay's where he is standing by live. And fergie will be out. He's she will be in L.A. She has a list, iggy azalea. One direction, four or five songs in the show. So if you have kids that like one direction, we'll tweet you exactly what time they'll be on tloou throughout the evening. Use the Twitter. Jenny's with you, but she's married, will she be tamed? She'll never be tamed. She and her husband, they met doing the show. Yeah, I'm hoping for the same thing someday too. Is it a new kid on the block? Despite what you may think, not with a new kid on the block. As we close out the year, what were the biggest pop culture stories of the year? I really think that the Taylor story was one of the biggest stories. And I remember she took me into a dressing room at the music festival in Las Vegas and played one of the tracks. And I just looked at her, this is going to be a number one hit. What's been interesting about her number ones, they have been number one for weeks. "Shake it off," weeks a the number one. She was big. And can't get the hook out of my head. Cannot. Who was the breakout star of the past year and who will be the breakout star in 2015? You know who had a great year and a bigger year in 2015, nick Jonas. Came out with a track called "Jealous." That the rest of the album is good. You're going to hear about nick. And prince Royce, big internationally. He's got a mainstream pop album this I think will be big in the states. You're a ton of talents, a production company. This amazing device in front of you. I'm getting mine today. I'll give it to you now. This is your type 02. Yay. This is a lifesaver for me. Coming up in -- Yes, we have -- this -- we're launching this. And also the key pad for the tablet as well. And you -- when I text, this is the most amazing product ever. And I'm not -- I can sell this. Amy has shares in the company. I had to switch phones, I was like, oh, no. Oh, well, this is for you. More "American idol" coming up. Which season? We go from new year's to idol premier, and then the golden globes for E. . With dick Clark's new year's rockin' eve on ABC. Make sure that Ryan, before he take office, he is going to donate a very lovely coat for a worthy cause. We have collected nearly 120,000 coats so far. And Ryan is adding one more in partnership. There you go. All right. And you can help by going to any Burlington store to donate a coat. Go to on Yahoo!. Happy new year, guys. Happy new year. Thanks for having me. You can put that tie upstairs. What are you going to do with a tie? I'm glad you asked. She's going to put it on Ebay. It won't sell. We will be watching tomorrow

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{"id":27898414,"title":"Counting Down to the New Year With Ryan Seacrest","duration":"5:00","description":"The television superstar dishes on what's happening in Times Square for \"Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2015.\"","url":"/GMA/video/counting-year-ryan-seacrest-27898414","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}