Couple Has Been Married 106 Times

David and Lauren Blair may have found the secret to a happy marriage.
2:42 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Couple Has Been Married 106 Times
How do you keep love alive ladies and gentlemen how do you do it. How do you do -- say how many were coming here it is your 25 anniversary -- right Dan and Denise. You don't actually usually you know -- a -- and we can do we interview we have a shot at them until Wednesday. Because let me tell right everybody in America recognizes the colors on then -- Yeah. -- may -- to share something in common like your luck for the Packers another wave may be to get married over and over and over again so we want to introduce you to -- And Lauren Blair to the same person but. In 1982 they married two years later and vowed to keep the magic of their wedding. And their -- all -- all the days of their life so they stuck to that promise by reliving their I do's. -- 106. Hi -- house and multiple times here right so they live in Tennessee they -- not a 106 times locations all around the globe from. I guess -- Scotland. All the way into New York. Now -- and then get this so it's not just that they're gonna get married regularly February 29. On -- year. They try to hold their weddings and hold weddings on on not only that -- -- but on 010101. Zero to zero to zero too high and 030303. I had no idea there was an affidavit -- I married -- -- I. I'm just saying that -- may -- fact that they plan so much. On doing things together like getting married together. He's one of the reasons great yeah because they're constantly focused on the fact that they love each other and they want to be with each other they have another plan. To do something so you guys get -- Denise nice to see you as well. What is what is your secret what do you what what kept it together for 25 years. It's always have a nice soft spot to land where were you when you have. When you have a bad times so it's nice to have a companion can be written -- -- Share your experience -- French and yeah like I totally. This trip how long ago to be here for your at a vulnerable since Montreal isn't so excited. We are definitely exciting -- watch the show I know sometimes I'm Marty you didn't we work third shift. We come and want to come home you guys are on -- on the -- mean there -- -- you guys -- -- we got -- -- -- -- -- So just -- your evening news yes. We that's -- aren't we put -- right to sleep with the things change -- semi. Delay the decision this is why -- what is relevant again -- -- -- information.

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{"id":19771806,"title":"Couple Has Been Married 106 Times","duration":"2:42","description":"David and Lauren Blair may have found the secret to a happy marriage.","url":"/GMA/video/couple-married-106-times-david-lauren-blairs-secre-19771806","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}