Couple Takes 'Selfies' at 118 NYC Subway Stations

James Doernberg and Kai Jordan discuss their ambitious photo project.
4:33 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Couple Takes 'Selfies' at 118 NYC Subway Stations
I can't wait to introduce you to these two because I think this is a really fun idea upper play of the day we had a young college football hall on the -- James James is adorned -- -- -- -- -- -- It's always adorned -- and Todd Johnson decided -- -- cell. Don't graduate and enter Jordan why I think John and none of the date guys but I -- my guys let's start. Let's welcome to. But -- you guys decide to take self fees and every 100 an exit 18118. Subway stations in New York a -- the Manhattan. I know -- hello yeah yeah. I think about at every station in Pennsylvania. You that threatened I don't. You guys did this recently when the temperatures were so unbelievably brutal I like Alan with the -- Trey Paris Tokyo one of them now. You -- Look you're gonna first base and -- aluminium. You -- are -- are you don't know unless you. Yeah us don't where we're glad you're here you wake and and James thank you -- at least we got your first -- right. -- we hear about are we are we positive. Com until we know where this idea come from you guys just like to consult he's -- no we're gonna do it. Every one of the subway stations in Manhattan -- -- -- give you a couple months ago is that we're at the Renaissance Center in the Bronx commute about 45 minutes each and when you're -- Katrina and buses that much. Some we like is there -- some -- is -- and -- interest things have been like that idea thinks they that's a lot right. That's definitely not an unsettled you know it leverage. But I had had a couple months ago -- brought up there like the week and a half ago in the second surgically. That sounds fun so the Honda taking down. Nine hours -- -- exactly at the. So how'd you like it -- did you get all have blood on one of the lines and just get off at every stop or how did you how -- -- decide that make your rounds yeah. I'm elated we start out fourteen scream and we actually took the time budget train -- the wrong way -- sort of -- about the day before and it's not so yeah. And we got -- -- of backtrack and sort of figured out from the and but I'm Molly did was we take the train and do it pop off the deep south when the doors open and -- a quick picture and then try to run back on before the doors -- that's sure. Are actually pretty -- -- Yeah -- Enron tower that's a tough one how did you feel about the 66 street Lincoln Center stop on the ones -- injury we we. That's our stop allowing its right by -- buyer officers had to feel about Alan. That would stand out do you remember Alex renters beware drought to open but what was your favorite -- by the way. I mean others is based on the pictures yeah. It was the thirtieth what was the -- what was once you -- -- That is I don't know what -- -- I'll never go back to the stop comes at a fair. Itch and move -- just because like as a real hot that -- that -- -- -- -- -- it you know 3 PM ninety degree day was abandoned. The doors and open for about three seconds not that David Page turns are gone from the us god about us laugh and academic -- you've got madness and he you know that you -- -- -- her on the train I'm gonna. Tell this guy did this -- you -- can turn -- into something other than just like -- -- -- what do you get you gotta be able to do something with us. My friend's front and -- like. Stop motion -- velvet -- together -- -- It's artistic people the -- yeah we've been asking out that we haven't really excited and I assure you -- tell -- about the action here at our studio we -- Yeah and we can we see. Achievement. Yet god like that not -- got -- -- -- yeah latitude now want the that's hysterical dark in this one need to be. Look at we're back -- but lately he's and. -- -- -- -- not funny you're just all over the place which you -- Did you enjoy your morning and I hope that things it's been as well let me. -- -- -- Our guide to New Orleans are brave went to write in bid to address Estrada all is -- -- of the bottom of the dressing room. Then that McCaffrey here today. Hey I love that they are you very much so much for coming sharing with not enough feedback -- -- -- you're -- true blood. Yeah. -- equivalent of blah yeah right guys thank you song -- --

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{"id":19688204,"title":"Couple Takes 'Selfies' at 118 NYC Subway Stations","duration":"4:33","description":"James Doernberg and Kai Jordan discuss their ambitious photo project.","url":"/GMA/video/couple-takes-selfies-118-nyc-subway-stations-19688204","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}