Couple's Intimate Scottish Wedding Features Romantic Traditions

Karin Rose and Stephen Berry tied the knot in a traditional Scottish ceremony in Gretna Green, Scotland.
12:34 | 04/28/16

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Transcript for Couple's Intimate Scottish Wedding Features Romantic Traditions
We are aimed Gretna green which is he'd run away marriage capital of the world. And we aren't just about to witness. Stephen dairy. And Karen the news. Just about. It to tie the knots there and turned the whole now about to go into the room. Fueled you can. If you. How fun yeah. And then beyond doing in now. Not to go into the room at this hour mini. It's about to begin and here we are brought costing. From Scotland from the tiny village of Gretna green which is famous. Full runaway marriages. Yet. And I think be taking steam name don't. No. I'm sorry but I with a quick note. I'm fifty I'm sending a change my name. And. This. Thank you. Stephen and Kathy and I would like to welcome you and you yes it can be TV won't. We appreciate that you that you would be insanity. And union signs moviemaking at commitments we've each other. Night news agency and I feel he had an assistant extra. Point nine innings striking postal and pass them. In. Before going Fenton like people just didn't I didn't. I didn't see you can watch me yes. And then you can. And didn't. Its use them. Treatment. Centers. People he's eaten in cash. In his mind he keeps in mind you the ending hate. Two. Cohen didn't this thinking is and you can't two people. Anything is being. To the exclusion Opel. I'm trying to make it aviation safety check they asked us. Six. There. Now thanks talk to this this movie can. Sinking to his guns wouldn't future. Sentenced to gain consent. I don't Steven George good. Stephen George very solemn and sit scene scene. Solemnly and sincerely expect next. It was kid and I think cat and the news let. And. It was a road just keep cinemas and hit. Responsible okay. That you can. Captain can't do it. I'm cutting goods and grows so. And CM CK solemnly and since it did that I knew of no. The in thing. And ultimately went. Humanity and Stephen Jones. To them instant. Between ten and BC ten cents. This season. I see you next if you can happen. I stevens' exit Q Karen as mind well who wouldn't mind that's what it'll wedded wife to patent pool. You haven't you vote can only see. From this state forward guidance and but that's it for us not fiction when it. For richer for poorer in sickness and in him in sickness. Two and she came to love and to cherishing the exclusion of all groups to the exclusion of or others and it's known as an option. For as long as we approach. Now you can. I can't next sixty Steven. I kinda makes it used even as much room for me. That's an awful things can happen to cool to have to move from DC. And as faithful would find it and since a line. Race. C and attending. Sickness. And you have health. And two kids eleven to Chad that he excluding people it's an excellent role as the ads known as the ship with lots of folks. You had to go into exchanging kisses it traditionally seen advantage agency and is the could side of the life home currencies. And yeah. I have in my home pharmacy hit Disney didn't. A and and same thing. Yeah. Karen like you this ring as a token of my and we history. With this spring. He quit. Actually has sent to in my theater package industry as a token of my life. I think this thing and with history. I think right. It intends captive after me QTV in that time is coming. And it's and packing contact. Him. You have seen that contact was beaten Seton means me almost not. Change. I mean come on line and it's like to get. And that QB Anthony Anthony. My innocence and opinions it was his case Kathleen things. I connected with husband and it. I can tell you yeah. When things. Okay back. And you know please to me. It hey. We. I don't. As. Q didn't count. Yeah. Yeah. Management of the. Oh. You can ordinance. This group's fiftieth. So Stockton didn't let me he. Like. Did you decide who originally from besides. Malone. An independent. Military matters to. But it's so you know an advocacy. This happened hundreds. Good. Healthy and certainly you won't do that house. And didn't do much business here. Sort of a national symbol that this and here is an easy he's. It. And there's. News. To these. It was he would look. These you know commission wants something isn't done making his thoughts limit itself so that strike on top of that piece of metal it would polished and together. Welcome to get it together. But it two. But not two arson guns did these two Hamas movement in the long before it. So today it's my privilege of page two TDs house together. Together for at that. Meant to you. In Ankara. And burying our children can wreck okay okay how hard that I think is that it is very nice yes. They. Have fallen this. I'm actually I'm not nervous at all that is. With the I am he probably won't let me. Yet and yet it's nice me and then. Yes it is that it. Perry ninth may choose where it. Is not one that drags on and on and on for and it was it's Clinton's. One of the reasons one since the county where just it was different. We've yet. And a high insulin. Then. There's an article something a few drinks and that's it basic thing. It's yet we met by obvious ago are now. I live them in a statement. Yes and that's elements. I'll never forget that go into juicy. Fat out. Thank you we're. And I. Like that that you haven't TJ we just sold Steven Barry and hair growth tight enough hit in a historical. Civil. Jeremy that was pretty quick easy sold as special thing that quicken and let them down and celebrate.

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{"duration":"12:34","description":"Karin Rose and Stephen Berry tied the knot in a traditional Scottish ceremony in Gretna Green, Scotland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38733321","title":"Couple's Intimate Scottish Wedding Features Romantic Traditions ","url":"/GMA/video/couples-intimate-scottish-wedding-features-romantic-traditions-38733321"}