Creative Gift Solutions for Last-Minute Shoppers

Last-minute gift givers can use apps that let them hire a personal shopper to get their holiday presents in time.
4:32 | 12/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Creative Gift Solutions for Last-Minute Shoppers
? Linzie and by woe about to prove it's never too late to get a great gift. They went out. 30 minutes to find something thoughtful and creative for $25. We'll find out how they did. A look at some tips to help you find the best Christmas presents in a pinch. I'm trying to find the doll. Me too. Do you have any more in back? Don't let the last-minute shopping scramble leave you in a sweat. I need the -- Carrying that gift-giving tress is easier than you think. For those strapped for time there are a couple options via apps that allow other people to do errands for you in your place. Apps like hello, Alfred and fancy hands will send you your own perpendicular Santa to tackle your gift list. Type in your instruction, set a time frame and consider it done. Or starting at $2 an hour there's task rabbit which les you hire a professional to wrap your presents and deliver them locally. Also in a pinch consider ordering a subscription like Burch box for beauty products. Just place the order from the comfort of home and the gifts are shipped monthly. The latest and most fun option in my opinion is the barkbox. A monthly delivery of all these dog treats and toys and bones that any dog lover would really appreciate. Reporter: If all else fails you always have the round the clock lifesavers, drugstores where you can pick up everything from gourmet food to socks to high-end beauty products and the gas station convenience stores. Gas stations can be seen as like a procrastinator's paradise. It's the last-minute place where you can buy things actually thematically. Items that might save you in your 911 holiday emergency. Let's find out how they did with Francesco bilott. A lifestyle expert and thanks, you guys. Thanks for thinking so much. You thought a lot about these presents. So, George, open up. I want to see. L.e.d. Power battery bar -- Always on the go. Fits everybody. I'll take it. Thank you. And sparkle bag. Something else. I wound up having something else on there but I forgot about tax. 25 limit. That kills you. For $25, gio, you were tasked to find -- The moment I saw this frame, I thought of you, live, love, laugh. Oh and a picture of gio. Very thoughtful. Good -- Very confident gift to put his own picture. Is there points for wrapping. I was on a budget. And Lara always loves her blankets in the morning. I do. And you love your prints. I love a fashionable print so I think they're both great gifts. I think they're great. I'll give you a big high-five on the photo frame. Did you take advantage of a 24-hour one-hour photo. It was right there. Brilliant. There has to be a selfie. You did a great job. Can you put me on your Christmas list? If you're shopping at the drugstore last minute you might be on the naughty list but that can be a great thoughtful place to like go shopping as you both did such a great job today. My first step don't panic. You know, you want to have something tangible when you go to somebody's party or to their Christmas gathering holiday. Someone was saying you had a great tip of accessorizing a different gift with things from the drugstore. Don't be afraid to embellish from the drugstore, so, for example, if you have a friend that's a traveler, get a bunch of magazines, put a beautiful bow around them and guess what, they have a gift all year long, a subscription they can use. Shows real thought. 23409 what you give, it's how you give it, correct. Price point, be mindful who you're shopping for and the health nut, you can get some great produce and vitamins, especially in the winter months, vitamin C, vitamin D. If you buy someone movie tickets to the "Star wars" movie go to the drugstore and get them popcorn or goobers or whatever their favorite candy is. A great idea. Embellishing the subscription or add-on gift from baseball tickets, movie tickets and whatever you have at -- Did you want movie tickets? Is that what you're saying. I'm trying to say I wanted movie tickets. Thank you. Their gifts. Let's bring in their gifts. You both win -- Oh. I'm impressed. I think you did very well. I'd like for you to eat my fruitcake. Instagram it. And eat these cards. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, guys. Merry Christmas.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Last-minute gift givers can use apps that let them hire a personal shopper to get their holiday presents in time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35904226","title":"Creative Gift Solutions for Last-Minute Shoppers","url":"/GMA/video/creative-gift-solutions-minute-shoppers-35904226"}