Creative Twists on Twinkies You Have to See to Believe

Hostess Brands has some new flavors and combos for the popular snack.
4:59 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for Creative Twists on Twinkies You Have to See to Believe
Let's get over his closest part of my right and then maybe your friends from -- wonder obelisk and join us both more glamour -- -- Let's go to social square here. Here you know doing audience. Hey hello aria Cleo and is do any -- you or me and I who needs -- there. I can see -- right in front of the one alone on the final time since you're the online can yeah winds right around here -- to turn right at my -- And we'll get you some samples and we got the twinkies here and -- -- bunch of different revenue recipes for these reviews and details about things well beyond the original slinky cat that came out down the celebrating its 75 anniversary week he's. Her cell and America -- admit it wonderful recipes and we are right at it from the year anniversary. Mostly he's coming back so -- about her time there are five yes they weren't -- -- -- -- -- -- scandal or vandalism inside the -- box over here. There's something suspicious happening on all is not normal. This is very cream yes let's -- to happen before I'm now actually theme and and we are celebrating the summer between Key -- So you can see it looks exciting and find -- very tasty. Yeah. And I didn't -- -- this is an amazing. What is there. This is a patriot patriotic. -- So it's think he is even though putting. Strawberries and blueberries. Happening how to cut into because he's taken with a spoon into her -- -- -- does go for all of. No no no you know -- cnet's senior asking and -- it's usually see this bank has no he had. So like -- so we have some cookie recipes here right. -- some of the recipes the we -- you straight out of the cookbook for the took some of the recipes and just brought them back and then we also -- and savory applications so it. So suspicious military here but this is a -- we -- so -- did not mean it's -- -- five -- -- the -- is made from -- No they usually can't tell you yeah we win -- -- get out of all right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely isn't elements the and a -- -- we have no it's not -- you don't. The ketchup is spicy banana ketchup which -- serve at the restaurant Oklahoma. Yeah. Clearly good academic -- but take from it is an important. And that's what just -- little known. -- -- If he likes it mean yeah. Try my best and even death the little -- Had little I'm really I'm not really hot OK and that's on American. For the beauty about this is that you can use hot dogs veggie -- chicken dogs any type of sausage I -- -- You can dissident tonight -- I can't do I want doesn't work -- like -- -- this -- brush that's of chicken sausage in this of the -- brought. That's at the end abruptly as the recipe is not in the book but what I'm lying on the rest of people who will be in the. We have our an 85 anniversary. Coming up next here with the twinkies and we are asking all of America. To submit -- -- wonderful fantastic in the vast sweet and savory recipes to meet with. -- admitted into the books so hopefully aren't excited it. For everyone to participate -- send in your recipes to post this cakes dot com. While Laura and then it get a lot of creative stuff going on now and -- just real -- -- what is. What's going on here we'll hear we have milk straight to a -- Harrison twinkies who had no. And -- the men remain in my could do well yes they are gonna. Doesn't mean cookies and I agree I think he's going to -- Yeah. -- -- You know if you always -- what -- New York City cookies and they don't -- by extreme. Levys. Contact -- that's elections. -- while he and pumps and nice job you're really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you think that all my latest summit seemingly everything you for coming and this is where -- begins at. Not just twinkies and out of the rapper. But everywhere else yeah. Thanks so whenever Kanye.

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{"id":24171850,"title":"Creative Twists on Twinkies You Have to See to Believe","duration":"4:59","description":"Hostess Brands has some new flavors and combos for the popular snack.","url":"/GMA/video/creative-twists-twinkies-24171850","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}