Cruise Ship Guests Speak Out After Ship Returns to New Jersey

Passengers aboard Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas tell "GMA" what it was like as the boat traveled through hurricane-force winds.
6:54 | 02/11/16

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Transcript for Cruise Ship Guests Speak Out After Ship Returns to New Jersey
First, the cruise ship passengers finally back on solid ground after that nightmare at sea. Royal caribbean's giant ship, "Anthem of the seas" arriving safely in New Jersey overnight after surviving hurricane-force winds. Some of those passengers are good enough to be with us here. We're going to talk to them in just a moment but first, linsey Davis is at that dock in bayonne, New Jersey, with more. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Seeing the ship now from the outside it looks as if nothing ever even happened. Certainly that's a far cry from the accounts that we've been hearing again and again from passengers who talk about this massive ship listing at 45 degrees and then if you count up three stories they talk about water going overtop of those balconies three stories high. After four harrowing days at sea, the "Anthem of the seas" finally made it to shore where passengers were greeted with cheers. The 4500 now sea-weary passengers thankful to be on dry land. I'm alive. I'm alive. This is insane. Reporter: Again and again, we heard stories of fear, of passengers saying as the ship was being pounded by 30-foot waves and wind gusts topping 100 miles per hour Sunday night they thought for sure they would not survive. Some people were absolutely terrified. It was scary. Reporter: Some are still questioning the captain's judgment to venture out to sea with severe storm warnings in the forecast and Wednesday night, royal caribbean apologized to its passengers in a statement calling the event exceptional and saying the company has identified gaps in our planning system that we are addressing. What happened this week showed that we need to do better. Something went wrong. We either didn't interpret the forecast correctly or we will see any way to change our procedure, processes to do anything to make sure this doesn't happen. Reporter: Maritime lawyer Jim walker says half a dozen passengers already called him from the ship wanting to file a lawsuit. The real issue here is whether the cruise lines have any liability for the fear and anxiety that most of these passengers had and in most cases, cruise lines are not responsible when the passengers have been fearful of weather conditions. Reporter: While at least four people suffered minor injuries, royal caribbean says the ship didn't sustain any major damage. The ntsb is currently considering an investigation. In the meantime, royal caribbean tells us "Anthem of the seas" will once again set sail on Saturday, heading to the Bahamas. Robin. All right, linsey, joining us now to share share stories are peter and Angela alupus. Ash lot and Charlotte Lipman and Lauren, Whitney, Brittany and Alex Hayes. Good morning to you all. Good morning. Do you still feel like you're rocking a little bit? Absolutely. I was just looking at you as you were watching that. We're so thankful that there are only some minor injuries and that you all are doing okay. Okay, who kissed the ground when they got back? Anybody do that? Everyone? You always hear about people saying they're going to kiss the ground. Peter, we saw your sister's video that she posted. You guys were told to stay in your cabins. It looks like you guys were in a washing machine. I mean, what was it like inside -- That's exactly what it was like. It was absolutely terrifying. We were on the third floor with an ocean view and we literally saw the ocean with Dori swimming by. Good you can have a sense of humor about it right now. But the captain would come on. You could hear even -- 17 years he's been a captain. He was experienced but there are a lot of crew members, this was their first time out. Could you hear the fear in their voices? Absolutely. My sister walked out into the corridor and saw some of the staff hugging and crying and that's when she got concerned. We also didn't have any life vests in the cabin which is unusual. We've cruised many times and I guess they keep them at stations now but we were told to go back to the cabins and there were no life vests. Luckily we had our own personal snorkel vests and my sister was wearing it throughout the -- Yes. You guys have been on cruises before. Wasn't your first rodeo. We have. Lauren, okay, I can understand this, you had a panic attack. Oh, yeah. Even though you were -- Beyond. Even though you were told to stay in the cabin, you had cabin fever. Had to get out. We were probably -- we were all together probably in the room for 20 minutes if that and then we left. Yeah. I couldn't do it and the crew members were even telling us get back to the room and I said, no. I'm not going back. I hate to use the phrase but you said you felt like you had a "Titanic" moment. I felt that way when the captain came on the actual loudspeaker telling us to get back to our rooms. He didn't sound very convincing that it was going to be okay so it just -- everyone around us just started crying, saying they couldn't breathe. I had a guy rubbing my back up the stairs saying it's going to be okay. When everyone is freak out like that it gives you a lot of anxiety. Not everybody was freaking out. Charlotte, you're 10 years old. It was your birthday cruise. Yeah. And your daddy and everyone said you were having a good time eating candy and stuff. What was the like for you. It was kind of scary since I saw the waves and they were basically almost crashing on to our terrace. And the room is basically tilted all the way down like a ramp but when it wasn't moving I just ran down and then I fell on the bed. It was fun but still really scary. Yeah, because your daddy was there for you and you had to be concerned, papa. It was very concerning but we tried to make the best of it. You said you got to eat candy and got quality time with your dad, one-on-one time with your dad so there was a bonus there. You heard in linsey's report the response from royal caribbean saying that there were some gaps and stuff. Looking back, what do you all think should have been perhaps done differently, would you want something different? Yes, it came to my attention from a meteorologist friend of mine this storm had been forecast up to a week before and I've been watching the news since we came on land and they say even 24 hours before, the forecast was very accurate as far as what we were sailing into. So, you know, in retrospect, the captain did maneuver us through the storm, but I think he was instrumental in getting us to the storm and that's what I think needs to be addressed is how do we prevent this fwra happening again. The big lesson here. Show of hands. Who is going to go on a cruise ship again? Look at you. A few shaky hands. Charlotte was right up. Quite a daughter you have there. She's a daredevil. Hey, thank you all very much and finding the humor in it. I know it had to be some very scary moments and thank you for sharing your story.

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{"id":36856900,"title":"Cruise Ship Guests Speak Out After Ship Returns to New Jersey","duration":"6:54","description":"Passengers aboard Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas tell \"GMA\" what it was like as the boat traveled through hurricane-force winds.","url":"/GMA/video/cruise-ship-guests-speak-ship-returns-jersey-36856900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}