Jack Hanna Brings Baby Bear to 'GMA'

Columbus zoo's director emeritus drops by Times Square, along with some young furry friends.
3:21 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for Jack Hanna Brings Baby Bear to 'GMA'
dropped by and introduced josh and lara to adorable baby animals. Our great friend, some say torment, of "good morning america," jack hanna joins us this morning. That explains my napkins. Why we're wearing the towels. With adorable animals. This is what we're told, if the bear is working, we'll start with the bear. The bear is working. I can tell you. Jack, this is an adore -- is this a black bear? A little black bear. They're born, the side of a big rat with no hair. They're born in the fall. And springtime they come out. And bears are coming back well in our country. Bears in new jersey -- the bear's on the loose. Bear on the loose. The bear's in the pool. When you said the bear might not work, what that meant is the bear is very friy this morning. They're an icon animal in our country. They're beautiful creatures. I never had one of these on before. This is a black jaguar. This one is about 4 months old. This cat has the greatest crushing power of any cat in the world with their jaws. We don't get near the jaws. This is a very dangerous, like most all of the spotted cats throughout the world. How big will he get? 300 pounds to 400 pounds. Is it a toy? Look another those claws come out. Rarely ever see these mounta mountain lions. You're so beautiful. But I'm slightly terrified. He's sort of calm? Yeah. I tracked those last year in panama. And that cat was about five feet from me. Oh, my gosh. This is a beaver. Tell us what -- you were talking. Again, it was a moment we all remember on david letterman. And you have a scar. I picked up the beaver the wrong way. He bit me through here. And that's why I'll never pick up a beaver. The point is, this animal lives in the wild. They're important to our country, as far as the settlers came across. You see that big tail. They flap that tail. The you show the tail for a second. They warn other animals. A lot of people, they dam creeks up. They're magnificent. Little baby beavers are like little toys. And they can hold their breath. Is this typical in size? That's a big beaver. Most beavers aren't that big in the wild. I got a little guy. That's a lynx, your asian lynx. This animal was declared extinct in the wild. They do quite well in the zoological world. And right here -- oh, boy. Oh, boy. Are those tear da pterodactyls? No. He whips out a suitcase and there were baby 3wirds in it. See here? These are crows. You can feed one. Hi, baby. We're going to go for you. Jack hanna, friend of the program. You can see "wild countdown" on saturdays on most abc stations.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Columbus zoo's director emeritus drops by Times Square, along with some young furry friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19578233","title":"Jack Hanna Brings Baby Bear to 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/cute-animals-jack-hanna-brings-baby-bear-gma-19578233"}