Jiff the Dog Does Tricks: Could Cute Pooch Be the Next Wonder Dog?

Little Pomeranian can do an array of very impressive tricks.
2:49 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Jiff the Dog Does Tricks: Could Cute Pooch Be the Next Wonder Dog?
It'll play the dad told told this is on. -- the control room. You said this is the best plan -- ever ever I I just I don't remember seeing on British -- said. And so on that are very very good better be very everybody very good candidate in Hyderabad house -- hi -- Video three year old Pomeranian GS. He can -- -- -- all walks of life I'm told the at a -- can -- imagine. Yeah. And then as soon to be let them calling it at all the other -- Mission Impossible is -- Isn't. The Pomeranian yes tip of the Pomeranian okay. -- three years old I have a -- year old -- I have a personal issue and why why don't. Dress. Your -- -- I think weren't -- vocal minority but could. They've got my clothes on. They're not hold -- you don't want to look flying. Terrorists they don't believe I believe this is a -- -- -- to vote. Some dogs have very light coats and evening of June in mile by a little extract data -- -- time they don't. Because if they did Tracy didn't -- species wouldn't be here listen and that's -- that. -- would have chosen against -- I -- -- I I am if you want to know addressing the dogs are stressing that -- -- So when I keep my dog out in the wintertime yeah she -- applicant and so do you know but but you don't. -- -- -- In the end I put on a lovely coat and hat and I would prefer my -- you do this thing -- Oh yeah -- little black. A lot of bargain I love this dress up the Palmer -- -- have a nice day ladies and gentlemen. You put your city -- to -- little booties off. So slowly saw her another thought that's legitimate I guess I thought yeah. They put that the chemicals they put on sidewalks and -- now you can't let -- you know an unprotected pat down on that you really need to make your head don't forget to spay and neuter your head -- Hey I'm younger and boos from the middle of the rest them and you know what I where I'm Wear hats wanted to follow ups from pop news. And I was looking into the dog it was able to in the the Canucks -- there was a real story -- about that in a moment that she was so concerned because -- -- -- -- wasn't really good for her cat and so makes the suggestion was to put a shirt. On the dog to keep it from nursing. Just -- also sometimes there are there are many really strikes what they shouldn't -- your thoughts on it because I call about science -- science.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Little Pomeranian can do an array of very impressive tricks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19771654","title":"Jiff the Dog Does Tricks: Could Cute Pooch Be the Next Wonder Dog?","url":"/GMA/video/cute-dotg-video-jiff-dogs-tricks-include-skateboarding-19771654"}