'A Dame to Kill For' Trailer Showcases Jessica Alba's Return to 'Sin City'

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:49 | 07/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'A Dame to Kill For' Trailer Showcases Jessica Alba's Return to 'Sin City'
Yeah. Bounce on the table like this? Time now for "Pop news" and Sara Haines. Let's get popping. Fans of sin city are kicking off the days until the sequel hits the screen. A dame to kill for includes Jessica alba. Not the hair. Maybe I'll go crazy. Crazy is sounding pretty good right now. I love crazy. Really? That was Mickey Rourk in that scene. I have always wanted to do that with my hair. You can't bring it back. Just do it. Do it today. Come in tomorrow. See what happens. Are row ready for this? Take my word for it. Don't do it. Don't miss it. From the looks a of that, it looks like it's bold and P provocati provocative. The women of Harvard's rugby team wearing a strong message. They were asked to write what they love and appreciate about each player on their body. They say rugby is about putting your body on the line for teammates. They wanted to show love, trust, and support for each other. How cool is that? Very cool. Some labeled their body parts like strong quad. As athletes, you question whether you look feminine. What a cool exercise. A strong message for so many young girls out there. And Ron. Now for the guy who turn his patriotism into a great road trip. Going viral. ? we got some smiles in there. Yeah, one or two. He doesn't look thrilled in every scene. He put together this video showing him waving the American flag in all 50 states. That is dedication. The 700-day journey boiled down to 83 seconds but memories to last a lifetime. In some of them, he looks lirks this is my job. Did he take the trip just to make this video? Yes. He did it once he saw a flag and thought, this flag never leaves here. He had a lonely flag moment. We became U.S. Citizens on this day 34 years ago. Gid you plan that? Plan what? The fourth of July. No, no, my dad got a parking ticket. The guy when he saw we had our citizenship papers next to him excused it. And the cat we have all been waiting for. Sorry Dan is going to miss this. There is one kitty determined to do his chilling out in a hammock. As you can imagine, it started out catastrophic. There's a learning curve. Plenty of fails along the way. But time wasn't taking his mission lying down just yet. Four months later. Four months later, he finally got the hang of it. It was well worth it. Look at this. He's starting to get comfortable. A little wobbly. There you go. Aw. And a little teddy bear joins. I mean, a cat in a hammock is about as cute as it gets. It is. I didn't know they made hammocks just for cats. They don't. Ryan smith. The things you learn here on weekend "Gma." So much. We'll be right back. See, they have them for dogs.

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{"id":24437007,"title":"'A Dame to Kill For' Trailer Showcases Jessica Alba's Return to 'Sin City'","duration":"3:49","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index. ","url":"/GMA/video/dame-kill-trailer-showcases-jessica-albas-return-sin-24437007","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}