Dan Harris Becomes a Father

Meet Alexander Robert Harris, Dan and his wife Bianca's first child.
3:02 | 12/27/14

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Transcript for Dan Harris Becomes a Father
this is Dan's first weekend back at work after he and his Bianca had their first child, Alexander. He is so cute. We've asked Dan to give us a full report. He's staring at me and asking for me. I put together a little video diary and mercifully I left out the diaper changes. Check it out. My wife and I struggled fo are years to have a baby so when this little dude arrived, we were over the moon. Here he is on his birthday, December 15, 2014. We named him Alexander Robert Harris. After he came out, all I could do was stare. My wife has always been beautiful but this is her at her most radiant. As a mom she's the happiest I've ever seen her. When we brought Alexander home, our cats were curious but to our relief not furious. They sniffed him a lot and spent their time sleeping amidst his baby gifts and playing security guard at his crib. The past 12 days have been a series of firsts for Alexander, first bath, first visit with Co anchors Paula Faris and rob Marciano and first meditation session with dad. We may have both slept through this one. I still stare at him all the time, how cute he looks sitting in a car seat, or just clutching my finger. Earlier this year I wrote a book about how discovering meditation made me ten percent happier. The other day they made me a new book cover with a baby bottle and the words, 100% happier. That pretty much sums it up. It looks so good on you and Bianca is over the moon. She looks gorgeous. She's really happy, really the most fun we've ever had. You guys didn't think this was going to happen. We didn't. I have a few more pictures. That's when they gave me a temporary tattoo of his baby foot. And that's after they brought him out of the nursery several ours after he was born. Can we clarify. Alexander Robert after rob Marciano, yes? Yes, after rob. After my grandfather and Alexander is Bianca's grandfather. We are so happy for the two of you and it really has softened you up. The six of them, the cats. Beautifully expanding family, we're thrilled. What does the weather look like, godfather? I have to switch gears now.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Meet Alexander Robert Harris, Dan and his wife Bianca's first child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27850241","title":"Dan Harris Becomes a Father","url":"/GMA/video/dan-harris-father-27850241"}