'Dancing With the Stars' 2014: Season 19 Pro Dancers Announced!

Get ready to rumba! Find out which beloved pros are back this season.
3:32 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' 2014: Season 19 Pro Dancers Announced!
19 seasons of "Dancing with the stars" and the big reveal this morning. Who is back to help them win. Whoo-hoo. Robin. You want that, next, a big reveal here this morning for the first time ever we're going to announce the dance professionals that are going to be blow us away this season on "Dancing with the stars." Four dancers who will competing this season are here with us live in our studio this morning. Do you want to know who they are? Should we bring them out. Well first of all, we have with us two-time mirrorball champ recently became the show's first professional dancer to appear in the final seven times, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Cheryl Burke. All right, Cheryl. Mwah. Wonderful. Wonderful to have Cheryl back with us again and next up we have a man the first undefeated American world dance champion. Did we mention he won the all-star edition of "Dancing with the stars"? I'm talking about Tony dovolani. Tony. So great. You look amazing. I'll tell you what. Thank you, oh, my gosh, Cheryl and Tony are back. Okay, this five-time national dance champion attended -- I did not know this. Attended law school but instead of taking the bar, of course, she took home the mirrorball trophy. Karina smirnoff. You got the moves. You've got -- oh. My goodness. The three that we have here, last but certainly not least of the four that we have live with us here this morning in addition to being a two-time national world dance champion, this -- well, he also did a rap song, as well. Did you know this? Little-known facts and tog me how to dance for my 50th. We're talking about Val chmerkovskiy. Welcome, Val. All right. Can we get a new Yorker. The one thing he taught me. Yes, thank you, Val. Great to see you both. Everybody again. Now, eight more will be revealed a little bit later but you know how I feel about you guys and I've been wanting to do this. We reveal the celebrities which we will in a couple of weeks but, boy, the work that you all do. Are you excited to be back for another season? So excited. Yeah. For Cheryl and I -- Our 18th season. Officially a decade for us. We are so happy to be back. Amazing experience. It really has. 18 of the 19. Yeah. Yes, yes. So can we expect -- We're the ole dis but goodies. Can we expect any changes because last year there were a lot of different things going on so -- Yeah. The result show for the -- For the first two weeks. So -- The switchup will be back. Y'all weren't so crazy about the switchup, Karina. No. Tony loved the switchup. Didn't he? No, no. And then Len one of the judges will be gone for part of the season so will you have guest judges coming back. Will you come back? I enjoyed it but I'll spread the wealth. You were the nicest out of everyone. We want you back.

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{"id":24958938,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' 2014: Season 19 Pro Dancers Announced!","duration":"3:32","description":"Get ready to rumba! Find out which beloved pros are back this season.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-2014-season-19-pro-dancers-announced-24958938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}