'Dancing With the Stars' season premiere recap

Former pro dancer Tony Dovolani recaps last night's exciting season premiere.
5:07 | 09/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' season premiere recap
the ballroom, season 25 of "Dancing with the stars" premiered last night and we've got dancing pro season 15 mirror ball champ Tony is here. Hi. In you go. There you go. No, no, no. George. Nice to see you. Hello, baby. Nice to see you. How you doing, man. Congratulations on last night. Thank you. You did awesome. I think season 26 we'll see Lara Spencer out there after that. No. I would love to see these two out there. Oh, would you. You know, I've been like begging you to do the show. I'd love to see these two out there. Yes. George is pretty busy with political interesting things. We just got finished with that dream segment. That will be a dream. I was looking at that and my whole life I've been pretty much dieting and when you retire guess what you do, diet because you can't eat. True. I love this. This is a good look on you. My wife likes me with a beard? That's all that matters. Are you sure sure? Sometimes we see the dancers take a break and come back. Listen, I love the show. It's one of my favorite shows that, you know, even as an audience member so I enjoy it at home and my 12-year-old daughter says something really interesting to me. She said, watching the show, she says, daddy, you know, do you miss it? I go, well, I do miss it. She goes but do you love being home? I go, absolutely. So that's the most important part. Last night. What really caught you? What were the emotions? It was amazing. I thought the show did such a fantastic job on presenting all the stars. I thought Victoria was the breakout for me with Val. I thought that was such an amazing, you know, background story. Paralyzed and then shows up on the ballroom floor. That's amazing to me. I don't think anything could ever surpass that as far as a first week kickoff. Going into last night you thought Nick was the front runer. Yeah, I totally -- yeah, no. He did not do very well for me considering drew is his brother, I thought he would have, you know, pretty much the same genes. Obviously he got the hype but not the beat. Oh, man. Listen, good thing is the trophy might stay in the same family because Vanessa was my biggest surprise. Because I thought her and Maks looked fantastic. The routine was great. Very creative with the babies and the strollers and the whole thing and then she got on the floor and mama could shake it. That didn't surprise me. She had like personality and so on. I like her. I'm rooting for her. I was surprised with that. In fact, the one that really like I was pleased to see because my expectation was pretty high was Jordan. Jordan fisher. To me I mean this kid is a Disney kid, Broadway kid. All right. Let's see what you got and I was like, wow, he's good. He's a pro. He is. When I saw ink goer she was talking about the same thing. He was head and shoulders above everybody else. Underdog? I was surprised and pleased actually in so many ways Frankie. I think he did such an emotional -- You know, it was an emotional type of thing. You could see like he was getting shy. The package was wonderful. I thought it was really great to watch him kind of shine, you know, because he's been on TV all his life and just to see him get on the dance floor and really represent himself in such a wonderful way. He was excited about it. He really was. We have a special surprise question from an audience member. Where is that audience member? Oh, there he is right there. Everybody. Mr. Donald driver himself. What's your question, sir, since you are a dancing expert. Champion. Let me say this, we know that I'm probably the best athlete that's ever been on that show. Oh. But I have to say this to you, Tony. Do you think athletes make great dancers? Absolutely. I think because not only because they are actually rhythmically much better in a sense that they work out with rhythm. You have to have rhythm in order to have a good workout and build yourself up. As an athlete you are used to the workout regimen. When you come to a dance show like ours if you don't have a work ethic you're not going to make it. That's why athletes always do well. They have a work ethic. It's why they're obviously successful, Michael. Get you there. But you are definitely one of the fittest by far the fittest I believe we've ever had. For sure. Oh, boy. Oh. There. Remember. What a loaded question. That's all I'm going to say. You can see a new episode Monday 8:00, 7:00 central on ABC.

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{"id":49939966,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' season premiere recap ","duration":"5:07","description":"Former pro dancer Tony Dovolani recaps last night's exciting season premiere. ","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-premiere-recap-49939966","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}