Dane Cook on Playing Dusty Crophopper in Disney's 'Planes'

The comedian explains what it was like lending his voice to an animated character.
3:30 | 07/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dane Cook on Playing Dusty Crophopper in Disney's 'Planes'
Disthink's "Planes: Fire & rescue" was a worldwide hit grossing $219 million. Now, fearless fly boy dusty crop hopper is back with "Planes: Fire & rescue" where engine damage has him setting a completely new course, take a look. Give them a go. Huh? All right. Let me just get this -- no. Pop the wheels, genius. Pop the wheels. Oh, that's it. Yeah. You think. Yeah, I'm tall. Look at this. The man behind dusty, crop hopper is here, Dane cook, reprising the lead role. Welcome, to "Good morning America." Great to be here. Great character and he's really struggling with like a career path. He needs to sort of forge his own way. It's one thing that I think is like classic Disney is that they allow characters to grow and I think that's what we bring to this next one. The humor is bigger and then the grit is grittier. What is it like being in a Disney -- you know, it's -- I would imagine it's sort of a big deal even for a major -- I get into it. I really do. I live with planes for a year now. I live in a hangar and sleep on a tarmac. No, it's the greatest experience to get in there with great comedic actors and see it come to fruition is incredible. It's a nice juxtaposition from the Dane cook that many of us know with a saucy flavor. Parents say we love the movie and where are the swear words? That's another show altogether. Yeah, this is really about getting, you know, getting the whole family together and just having a blast for a couple of hours. It's an awesome franchise. I don't know if you know this but I actually was also a character. I play a reporter who is a corvette and did not make the cut but I want you to know we are colleagues existentialally. That will be in the extended -- I made like the DVD. So it's that. Welcome to our world. I love that you have another comedy special coming up on showtime. I do. And explain the title "Troublemaker." Yes, because I never get into any of that in my entire career. You know it's about the material. It's about the content. People know I always kind of like to push things a little bit and so you'll have to see why the title -- Can you give me a preview of -- Can you beep me for the next 40 seconds? I always like getting into the relationship stuff and I say at the beginning if you came to the show tonight and you're in a relationship, 60% of those relationships will end before this night is through because we're going to really rip the lid off of it so you got to see. You got to see who stayed together and who left. That's on showtime and that is coming out -- October 17th. But, meanwhile, dusty. "Planes: Fire & rescue." If I may the family movie of the summer. The one you want to go to and have an incredible movie. I saw the movie with the entire cast. Were you missing and longing for that reporter? There's like something missing -- Something not quite right. You steal the show. It is a great movie. I have two kids and they loved it. Thank you for all your work. Pleasure to get to know you and

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The comedian explains what it was like lending his voice to an animated character.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24597420","title":"Dane Cook on Playing Dusty Crophopper in Disney's 'Planes'","url":"/GMA/video/dane-cook-interview-2014-comedian-playing-dusty-crophopper-24597420"}