Dangerous Ice Storm Takes Hold in North East

More than 20 states are being hit by snow and ice, causing havoc for travelers.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Dangerous Ice Storm Takes Hold in North East
In the snow coming down so hard right now in New York -- road camp WABC on the highway north of New York City can you gonna be slick and slippery Purcell many. Ice over half an inch right now you say so many because we're gonna take a look at -- Max right now near Boston where -- what's coming down thick and fast. They're expecting over a foot of snow there. ABC's -- disease leads are extreme weather team covering the storm for us outside good morning to -- Hey good morning rob and it is helping me in the face at first it was heavy snow now is sleek and right here in Times Square come with me. I -- show you happens when you mix it still isn't so she -- -- sloppy as smashed detain Al. Mess that is dangerous right now we just saw that camera -- to go back to it because not just in Westchester County not just in New York City but progress -- -- area we're going to see this storm is morning throughout the morning hours really an afternoon you can see that radar picture. Stretches from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Maine and this is going to be with us to the late morning hours -- -- That's -- -- from snow. Too dangerous and deadly ice. Again not just here in New York but back in the Pennsylvania we've already -- deadly accidents I wanna take its all the stories right now. This morning the -- I -- In snow. Sleet and freezing rain temperatures hovering around that danger -- 32 degree mark forcing drivers to crawl along roadways and causing fatal accidents like this one that backed up the Pennsylvania turnpike near Harrisburg for more than -- smiles. -- scenes like this being played out across almost twenty states. Cars sliding on the slick streets of Wichita Kansas and Kansas City this Southwest Airlines plane got stuck in -- -- right on the runway and into peek -- Kansas as semi trucks slamming into a snowplow spilling 180. Gallons of diesel fuel. Forcing the highway to close for our. -- and -- certainly seen in north Texas a police deputy and three bystander to help in the driver from. One -- accident were hit by a sliding eighteen Wheeler. Killing one person and injuring the others. The -- it's very nasty and once -- -- the trash he applied his breaks but was unable to stop. Back to back snowstorms many towns are now running low on -- And Burton Michigan that shortage means skyrocketing prices just yesterday the price doubled actually so if it costs 300 dollars total truck -- -- 600 dollars. So let me show you something because everybody asking -- whenever going to be gotten most importantly at first I -- show you though because they've got in Pennsylvania Massachusetts really heavy snow through the morning hours but it's by 3 PM we stop the clock there that is moved out of New York City and behind it. Very cold air -- and tonight New England even becomes clear. And there's the -- forecast heaviest happening. In -- New England western mass at Massachusetts also parts of Western New York six to twelve inches we've -- -- get just thirty miles north of me where does not -- -- no and we find Lisa -- Grassley from WABC. Good morning finger and you know Monday Connecticut got more than seven inches of snow and round two with hitting with a vengeance. This is what's college just the morning hours that heavy icy snow president a look at the road conditions Connecticut governor Dan Malloy telling people. Stay off the roads and let the plows do their jobs schools have been canceled they have suspended bus service. They are also reducing train service -- out the morning. This has been a very difficult morning. Born this snowplow drivers -- been very -- let's take a look. The clouds. A live look at the -- doing their job right now they -- out here in full force and now the snow has turned ice which is making it even more treacherous -- -- -- Please -- thank you so much you know boxing getting hit -- going to be covering this all morning you can hear it George the sleet hitting my Hud. We've got a lot more to talk about your nation's weather. Cystic we sure can't get inside you just go up to Boston -- right now ABC's rated nine and. Is there in Reno boy it is coming down hard. It is coming down George force -- two pairs of pants later I'm still cold the snow emergency are -- affect your just in time to snarl the morning commute if you weren't taking a flight be sure to check with your airlines. -- highest number of -- -- cancellations coming down at New York's LaGuardia. New JFK and almost a new Jersey's Newark and Boston flight aware dot com this is more than 2100 flights delayed 22100 cancel. Boston Public Schools are closed today here in Boston two inches of snow expected every hour and I'm told George it will be dramatic -- work by our.

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{"id":22372162,"title":"Dangerous Ice Storm Takes Hold in North East","duration":"3:00","description":"More than 20 states are being hit by snow and ice, causing havoc for travelers.","url":"/GMA/video/dangerous-ice-storm-takes-hold-north-east-22372162","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}